• I have always thought it would be cool if the game board would be even bigger and longer (usa to usa). It seems to me that japan can enter the soviet to easy (not through amur but novosibirsk) as they break through china or italy can try to take india. In real life japan couldnt of really went into the soviet becuase they were more focused on the pacific regions more. So do you guys think it would be awesome to have a even longer gobal board and maybe extend the countries terrortories out more? Not saying to make a new one.

  • If Japan is going through China into Russia as easily as I think you are implying then India might hold a lot longer than he should, or Japan is loosing badly in the sea vs US.

  • A “longer” Global game board is sort of what I made for myself when I created my customized gaming table.  You can see pictures of it here:


    It consists of the usual four-panel Global map, with the addition of a second copy of the right-side panel from Pacific 1940 placed next to the full map.  There’s a gap between the two components, with strips of black electrical insulating tape serving as connectors.  These strips of tape help me visualize how the two halves of North America connect, and also show the customized sea-zone connections I’ve made at the game map’s theoretical wrap-around point.  (I call it a “theoretical” wrap-around point because the map doesn’t actually wrap around very well due to the scale difference you encounter when you cross from one panel to the other at about 90 degrees west longitude.)

  • Wow tgats some really great work there. Looks even longer, and i like your customed country marker chips for some of the countries. I wish i had a longer board like just say the size of it now to like maybe add on 2 extra boards and to make it that length like it would take ages to get to europe like in real life from the pacific.

  • Well, a redesigned larger map would give extra space in which to put the plastic units, which would be nice, but it wouldn’t necessarily mean that it would take longer for the units to travel across the board because that would depend on whether the sea zones and land territories are large in size but few in number, or small in size but large in number.  In the particular case of my custom table, neither factor was changed because the plastic units only get put on the normal four-panel part of the map.  The auxiliary map panel on the left is just meant to help with the wrap-around visualization – though as a bonus, it also gives some extra free space as a handy working surface, as do the two table wings.

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