A question about carrier mobilization

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    The scenario is that US navy occupy seazone 6, and this is japan round now, japan buys 2 carriers on seazone 6 so that 4 fighters can attack seazone 6 's US navy from kwangsi. If all 4 fighters are unfortunately destroyed during combat, can japan mobilize the carrier on other seazone ?

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    They can place them at another complex site or hold the units until next round.  Just because you buy units does not mean you have to place them.  At least that’s the way TripleA does it.  I don’t see a rule preventing it in the OOB rules.

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    When you buy a unit in Phase 1, you don’t need to declare in advance where you intend to use it.  You simply place the unit in the mobilization zone, from which it will later be deployed to the game map.  If something happens during the combat phase that makes you change your mind about how you intend to deploy the unit in Phase 5, you’re free to do that, provided that you deploy the unit in a way that complies with the requirements of the rules: “Move the newly purchased units from the mobilization zone on the game board to eligible spaces you have controlled since the start of your turn. You can’t use industrial complexes that you captured or purchased this turn. You can never use an industrial complex owned by a friendly power. […] You can place sea units only in sea zones adjacent to territories containing eligible industrial complexes. New sea units can enter play even in a hostile sea zone.”

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    Yes, You can place them elsewhere kku now that the Fts have died.

    Cyan, you must place all units that you buy, if there is somewhere to place them. Otherwise, you are reimbursed the money from the bank. The units are not held over.

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    Thanks Wittmann, I was unsure of that. TripleA keeps the unit in a buffer that allows you to place it on the next turn. I wasn’t sure how that worked in the OOB rules. So they reimburse if you are unable to place them. Good to know thank you.

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    It is better that way, as you might not want those units a turn later. Things change!

    Is probably best when playing AAA, to abide by the rules. Is easy enough to edit things in and out. (Even I have learnt.) Gamerman had put up a list of things AAA doesn’t have quite right.
    Is in the League section, near the top.

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    Great, I will check that out. I play alot of TripleA. 🙂

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    The way I understand it, you have to mobilize any new units you purchased if there is any possible place to put them. You only get reimbursed for the cost if there is no place to put them.

    Since new ships can be placed in hostile sea zones, those 2 carriers would have to be placed in SZ 6 unless Japan had another factory where they could place them. Now, if the US had bombed Japan’s factory and it had 10 points or more of damage, and Japan either had no other factories or had already committed other units to them, then you could return the 2 carriers and get the IPCs back for them.
    If there is a possible place to mobilize those carriers, even if it is undesirable, you have to place them.

  • thx for the answer.

    i want to ask if one Japan fighter survive in the combat, does Japan need to mobilize one carrier on seazone 6 so the fighter can land.? Or Japan can choose to mobilize the carrier on other IC 's seazone and let the Japan figher crash and die.?  :?

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    You would have to place one Carrier in SZ 6 to collect it.

    There is no such thing as a one way mission(suicide). There must be a possible landing space for each air unit or the combat is not allowed.
    AAA here on this site allows planes to crash and die sometimes when a valid spot is available. It is an error in the programme.

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