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    Dear AA community

    I’m planning on building an AA50 (Given up trying to find a reasonably priced version) by purchasing Global.  I have IL’s fantastic map and Boxcars setup cards (retro version) [Thanks you two!!], plus the rules from Avalon.  I’m pretty sure pieces will be covered by my Global combination.  National objectives are in the rules so thats covered.

    Question is, am I missing anything?

    Thank you in advance all

    Happy gaming

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    In terms of the pieces, the current Second Edition of Global 1940 should give you all the categories you’ll need for Anniversary.  In fact it’ll give you more than you need because G40 includes unit categories (like tac bombers) and national groups (France and ANZAC) that aren’t part of the Anniversary game.  G40 2nd ed includes Italy, for which it provides a full array of nation-specific sculpts; Anniversary has nation-specific Italian troops and tanks, but the rest of the Italian pieces are German or Japanese in design.  In G40 1st ed, the only nation-specific Italian sculpt designs were the troops (the tanks were German Panthers in the Italian colour), so the 2nd ed is a better choice.  Both Anniversary and G40 also include Chinese units (infantry only), so you’re covered there too.

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    Thanks for the speedy reply. I’m definitely getting aa40 second editions so thanks for confirming my pieces are all there.

    Does anyone have a link for the Ipc tracking chart as it seems it is on the actual board for aag40?

    Thanks again!

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    Sorry guys, need to rebump this……

    Cant seem to find a National Production Chart to use.  Imp Leaders great map doesn’t contain one and they are printed on the actual game boards for E40 and P40.

    Thank you in advance

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