AA50 conversion from Revised

  • Last fall I purchased Axis and Allies revised, and I love it (mind you it takes awhile to play).  I’ve been eyeing AA50 but I hear it is rather rare and expensive these days.  I was wondering if there were any good recommendations for converting revised into AA50.

    I have an old set of models from Axis and Allies Classic, so I can cover up the lack of models by supplementing them in.  I am not sure on what changes would be needed on the revised board.  Would I need to use a larger board in the end, or would placing a few strips of paper as new boarders make a usable AA50 board from a revised?  The rule book will not be a problem as it is already on line.

    Your thoughts?

  • Hey Jenk,

    That’s a great idea for a Poor Man’s AA50.  There is a AA50 map IL made that you can use, it’s a matter of printing it out.


    Depending on how you want the board to look, it can be cheap or expensive (color printer vs. professional print work).

    You could use the battleship from AA Classic as either the cruiser or battleship, also probably use the pale color as Italy so it stands out.  As for China, you can use the Chinese inf from AAP if you have it.

    I am not sure about using the AAR map as there are many differences like Ger does not border Italy, Switzerland blocks direct access.

    Good luck

  • Thanks for the advice Gnasape.  After musing over it I think I will merely wait for the rule set of the new Axis and Allies coming out in August.  I can sub the classic battleships, as you advised, as cruisers and just use my current board with no need for alteration.

    The game might be interesting with more territories to play in, but the game seems to take a long time to play as it is, so perhaps I will save a larger map for another time.

    Thanks again.

  • Jenk,

    Yes, AA50 takes very, very, very long time to setup and play FTF.  I think it would be the same PBF.  I have the game but have only played it twice as it’s very hard to get our group together and revised is still very fun to play.

    Good luck.

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