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Some good TV series to watch

  • '10

    “two and a half men” is a funny show, i am also a long time fan of “cops”.

  • 2016 2015 '10


    Not all of the series on my list is showing now, some canceled, some are finished, but you can download them or buy them on DVDs: The Sopranos, The Wire, Rome, Breaking Bad, Lost, Burn Notice, Jericho, the Tudors, Spartacus Blood and Sand, Dexter (last season not so good), Deadwood, V, Firefly, The Shield, Spooks, Generation kill, The Pacific, Band of Brothers, 24, Mad Men, Prison Break, The 4400, The Walking Dead, The West Wing, X Files, Il Capo Dei Capi.

    That’s a good list, except V sucks.  But Sopranos, Wire, Rome, Breaking Bad, Dexter, Deadwood, Firefly, The Shield, Gen Kill, BoB….all of those were good TV.

    I also like BSG (the new), Caprica, SG-1, Homicide, John Adams.

  • I am a fan of murder shows like: The Mentalist,Criminal Minds, Midsomer Murders. I hate CSI though. How many different sub series does it need? CSI, CSI Miami, CSI  New York, CSI Axis and Allies. Oh wait that last one hasn’t come out yet.

  • @Imperious:

    I liked it too, but the story went way too slow. its like they dragged out the action due to low budget. The whole series was like 6 episodes and to get to Atlanta could have been done by episode 2.

    I hope they go with another season but with more episodes.

    The comics take their time as well. You might want to check them out, and as I understand it, wont be mirrored much in the tv series.

  • @frimmel:

    Folks who play a game that when fast can take six hours found “The Walking Dead” slow.  :?

    LoL Good point, I agree with Imperious Leader, a time limit is the only way to play.

  • Cops is also hilarious, my uncle, brother and I all love it. So is Southern Fried Stings but it is obviously fake.

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