• I was wondering if anyoen knew and good WW2 history books, specifically I want to learn about tactics, also a biography of patton and rommell would be interesting too. thanks alot.

  • Well if you’re intrested in WWII, anything done by Harry Gailey Gerald Astor provde good reads. As for Patton, Frederick Ayer’s Before the Colors Fade is a great account of person Patton was.

  • “The Desert Fox in Normandy” by Samuel W. Mitcham Jr. It basically details Rommel’s defense of fortresss Europe and the hopeless situation he was in.

  • check out ‘FRD and the secret wars of WWII’ by Joe Persico.
    not exactly what your looking for, but a great book. Good insight to the espionage during the war.

  • The book entitled The USSRs veiw of the Second World War is interesting, but not really what your looking for.

  • “Stalingrad” is a good book i dont remember who wrote it though. Also, you might read “At Dawn We Sleep” or “Blitzkrieg” The "Destruction of the Bismark " is great too. They are not tactical but they offer good in site into over all battle plans and how they execute them.

  • The books I like reading the most are stories of the German retreat from Russia in such accounts as Grenadiers and The Forgotten Soldier.

  • Being anonymous and all, I would like to recommend two/three most excellent books:

    -The rise and the fall of the Thrid Reich, by William L. Shirer. This book is fantastic! All you wanted to know of the German stirde to power and their downfall is in here. Has won alot of awards. Should last you 6 months.

    -The second world war [a very innovative title] by martin Gilbert. This book has a more general overview and is more focused on the how the civilians and soldiers had it during the war.

    -Rommel as military commander, by Roanld Lewis. This book has the biography of herr Rommel and all the tactics he used. The book I have is rather old (1968), but it is probably out there somewhere.



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