New CHIPS for AAA games?

  • Rorschach keep up the good work!!!

  • Once again, disclaimer : this is not official or affiliated with FMG but just my own concept

  • Rorschach,

    DANG, I like!!!  Nice Job.

    +1 karma!

  • @gnasape:


    DANG, I like!!!  Nice Job.

    +1 karma!

    Thank you.  🙂

    And obviously, change the color and # in the center based on the chip being used (for example, grey chip with a #1 … blue with a #10 … yellow or green or whatever (?) with a #20).

  • '10

    I LIKE it!  Lets make it happen!  3 chip types, three colors, FMG Logo and 1,5,10 on one side…  Damage counter on the other.  This makes the chips not only better quality and nicer looking than the stock chips but multi-functional!!

    Maybe each color chip type can have a DIFFERENT alternate function?  The “1” chip a;so being a damage counter.  The “5” chip also being… (Fill in the blank)  and the “10” chip…

    What do you think?

    Rorschach:  I am going to pin a Medal on you!  Thanks for the great foot work.

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    I propose the back side of the yellow or blue 10 chip is for damage. This damage counter would replace the OOB counters for damaged factories and or warships that take two hits

    the red 5 and the grey 1 chip is more common and should contain the national icon of the nation on the flip side. This allows them to double as nifty control markers and doubles the utility.

    15-25 yellow
    60 red  ( 10 each national icons X 6 nations)
    120 grey ( 20 each national icons  x 6 nations)

  • 😮 Wow!  That’s a really nice design.  The explosion looks like a nuclear blast, not that that’s a bad thing.  Some people have nuke rules anyway, and mushroom clouds are common to explosions of all sizes.

    I think having damage counters that you can consolidate is important, especially for when Germany gets heavily strato bombed.  Instead of stacking 20-1 damage counters, you can use 2-10 damage counters.

  • '10


    This is still moving ahead.  I will have some designs to share with you in the next week or so.

    Thank you for your interest and support.


  • Will the chips stack with the AA50 Chips?

  • Interesting concept. At this point I’m not sure if I would go for it or not.

  • Standard, plain chips in any color you want are available all over the place, just like dice.  Now, add an FMG logo and a 1/5/10 (in grey/red/blue, or even better, green/red/blue to match the money) and I’m sold.  Add in country logos on the FMG-standard country colors for fancy control markers, and maybe other utility logos, and I’m doubly sold.

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    Yea make them a deluxe pack, pieces and chips and some nifty house rules for say $69.00

  • @DrLarsen:

    Standard, plain chips in any color you want are available all over the place, just like dice.

    Yes, but a lot of them don’t stack with A&A chips (revised nor anniversary) and sometimes they are cheaper shorter.  I’ll buy chips if they are good quality and compatible with AA50 or revised.

    Colours are good - I like yellow because I already have a few yellow chips.  I don’t care about logos - won’t these be covered up by the unit?  I won’t use them for damage markers.

    I’m a fan of FMG and plan to buy some custom dice soon!  Keep it up.

  • I find that there are two basic types: those that lock with the older edition A&A games and those that lock with the newer ones.  For the latter, I stick with ones by Koplow, which also mesh with them color-wise.

  • Hi, new to this site and this thread.  Longtime but intermittent A&A player.  Quite interested in the new products FMG is working on.

    Maybe this question has been asked, but I did not see it.

    If chips are color coded for the amount of armies represented (white or gray = 1, red = 5, blue = 10), is it necessary to place a number on them also?  Most folks are probably familiar with white, red, blue for poker chips.  It would give the option of printing something else on that side, and also allow flexibility for the way people play; if someone (everyone in the same game, most likely) likes to use them for 1, 2, and 5, for example.

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    Great avatar of my hero Sgt. Saunders!

  • I like to use white for 1, grey for 2 and red for 5, and then use other colors according to how the money is colored in whatever particular game/ set/ variant I’m working with.  (e.g., when using Monopoly money, I go with yellow for 10, green for 20, blue for 50, etc.  When using A&A IPC’s, I use red for 5, blue for 10… Come to think of it, when using Attack! money, I go with yellow for 1, tan for 2, red for 5, orange for 10… And I’d already just suggested using green for 1 with A&A IPC’s to match the money…)

    Anyways, yes, I think I’m beginning to agree with you that putting a # on them just limits the flexibility of their uses.

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    The number is only for one side. FMG logo on the other.

    One side it becomes chips, other is money for IPC collection or damage marking.

  • So if one side has the FMG logo, that’s one “function” used up.

    With the FMG side up, the colors provide a second function, which needs no other explanation; players in a game can use it for whatever IPC and unit stack amounts they choose, as long as it is consistent within any one game.

    The third function remaining (the other side of the chip) can be something else…and this is key:  it needs not relate to the color.

    For example, the second chip side could be labeled either (A)ble, (B)aker, ©harlie, (D)og.  One quarter of each set of color chips could be a different letter code.  So you can have Red A, Red B, Red C, Red D all mean different things.  Add in the other colors, and that’s 16 different possible meanings.  Of course, it might mean another chart to remember what they all mean!

    Just offering an idea here:  if FMG is going to have multiple molds for the non-logo side of the chips, maybe it can be for some useful or flexible purpose beyond just “repeating” what the colors already tell.

  • '10

    Sorry guys, I will not have any info on this product for awhile.

    It is ready to go but we are very concentrated on something else at the moment.

    This will happen in 2010.

  • I noticed that AA42 and AAP40 had orange colored chips.  How about this: Grey=1, Red=5, Blue=10, Orange=20.

    They will have 3 functions:

    1. IPC Chips; FMG Logo w/ “number” face-up (Since US has a huge IPC count, a 20 IPC chip is needed)

    2. Damage Counters; “Damage” Logo face-up

    3. Unit Counters; doesn’t matter, since picture will be covered up.

  • As with the new pieces- gotta see the pics first 😉

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    1. IPC Chips; FMG Logo w/ “number” face-up (Since US has a huge IPC count, a 20 IPC chip is needed)

    2. Damage Counters; “Damage” Logo face-up

    yes exactly!

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