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    My copy of this game is in the mail and I’m hoping it will be here in a week. Can anyone tell me if it’s a good game now that you have had some time to play it. Do you need to order anything else to make it complete?

    Everything you need to play the game is included.  There are expansions that you can see on the HBG site but the basic game has everything you need.
    I thought the game was pretty cool.  At first I thought there was no way the Axis could win but after a couple of games I realized it’s harder on the US than I first thought.  It can be pretty tough on the Axis too if you don’t get the right weapons.
    I think it is a fair amount more complex than your typical Axis & Allies game.  I first thought it was simply going to be a WW2 version of Fortress America, but it really has a lot more to it than that.  The combat board is pretty complex and you may need to check the instruction book for reference a lot for your first game or two, but if you like it then the rules will probably become second nature just like A&A games.
    I really like the game and absolutely love all the new sculpts.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

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    Thanks for your reply I’m really excited to try it. I still have my copy of Fortress America and I always thought that it was a cool concept to have an assault on America since almost all other war games take place on other continents. I did order the Strategic Markers set, V2 rockets, and a nuclear blast marker as well because I thought it would add some complexity to the game. I read through the rules booklet to get a sense of how the game is played and it sure does have differences from the A&A games, although the basic concept of movement, offensive strength, defensive, etc are there which I like. I noticed that they also have a larger map for sale, do you think it would be helpful to have that or is the OOB board sufficient?

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    I found the OOB board sufficient.  Of course, a bigger map is nice but it depends on how much table space you have available.
    I believe there is a unit per space limit so using the OOB board is pretty easy.  Usually you want bigger maps when you play a game like A&A where there is no limit to how many units can be in any given territory.  Some spaces in Europe can get pretty crowded.

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    That’s good to know, thanks. I do have a large table, 49"x80", but if it isn’t necessary that’s ok too. It would be easier to take out to my cabin at the lake where my table is only regular size anyway.

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    I played my first game of Amerika last night. It was pretty easy to learn once I was finally able to remember which sculpts were the self propelled anti-aircraft units and and which ones were the self propelled artillery units. It took awhile to play because I was carefully going through every step and double checking to make sure I didn’t develop any bad habits as far as the rules go. I can see being able to play a game in under 2 hours including setup if you had 2 or 3 players who already knew how to play. That would be perfect for the lake in the summer when you go into the cabin to wait out a rainstorm. A&A on the other hand would be more of a whole day this is never going to clear up type of game.

    It’s a good game and very well made. I picked up the Strategic Markers expansion set with the game but didn’t use any of the extra rules that come with the pieces so I could learn the game first and decide which rules and extra pieces would be appropriate to make it a better game. I did find the map a little small so I am going to get a bigger one for use at home on the big table. I like lots of elbow room and space to line up my tanks without using chips. In the game the Japanese got bogged down in the northwest with the allies holding the line at Hanford Nuclear Research Facility. They had better luck in the south moving inland and taking out Los Alamos NRF. The Germans made it as far as Detroit in the north and Nashville in the south but couldn’t capture Oak Ridge NRF. On the fifth turn the allies were lucky enough to roll big and go first, which meant that they had 2 turns in a row and were able to take back Los Alamos and 3 cities and accumulating enough points to win the game. If the axis would’ve went first on the fifth turn it would have been a different outcome and they might have won on the fifth or sixth turn. It all came down to that one roll…

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