• @Jermofoot:

    Is this Adam West’s Batman?  Because it doesn’t sound like any of the Batman characters I’ve witnessed…the observing the speed limit thing.

    It is the Adam West Batman as I remember the scene he is refering to. Good campy fun and the reason Frank Miller said in talking about his story The Dark Knight Returns, “I thought it was time to give Batman his balls back.”

    I had hoped the Batman Begins and The Dark Knight films had left Adam West in the past. Unfortunately that show is still many people’s only point of reference to Batman.

    Generally these folks are the ones complaining how Dark Knight was too ‘dark’ and not any ‘fun’ but haven’t seen the ‘fun’ Batman since they were 8 and forget that all that camp is a lot less fun than they remember.

    BTW the commisioner was not in with the villains.

  • Adam West batman was the only REAL batman IMO. It treated the whole thing with the comedy it deserves. I like it when they go up buildings and meet famous actors of the day poking their heads out the windows. The other best scene is when batman dances in the club.

  • i had left the batman series with the past, that was before i saw batman begins,
    i remember the first modern day batman, which was a bold effort to re-awaken the interest in the batman series, at that time i was growing up and the references to batman that i had were all from the 60’s tv series that was still showing every saturday,
    after that i watched some of the sequels, and gradually lost interest in the batman series,
    batman begins is a great movie, and i still watch the dvd from time to time,
    what i remember from the tv series, at all times batman had the bat computer to solve everything and the bust up’s with the henchmen were not the at the level of a mortal kombat or streetfighter free for all,
    most of the scripting was good, and the series kept me interested enough to tune in every week,
    the batmobile was cool and there was a miniature at my house of that batmobile, with the afterburner turbocharger and fast wheels,
    the miniature batmobile was rather boxy, and not much of a challenge to the other racers that i had,
    it had a problem of steadiness, i think that the wheels were not big enough to handle the altered balance at high speed and often the miniature batmobile would steer and drift or stop

  • there was one scene when the chief was enchanted by a mysterious voice over the telephone, i think it was mesmerelda,
    and the chief was instructed to get batman to a false outpost while the villains were away executing a stage of their plan,
    the chief was always getting the run-around and was always targeted by the villains

  • there was also a chapter when the chief was left alone in command of the station, i think that the commissioner was away for a few days, and the joker and accomplices managed to fool the chief and take command of the station for some time, thechief had some explaining to do that week :-)

  • *!#BIFF#@!

  • sometimes the commissioner would have a word about how everything was under control when batman would express concern about one of the villains,
    something like, oh that’s alright batman, i think we have it all under control now, yes batman we will contact you if we can not handle this ourselves, i think that the force can handle this, do not worry about this, you can rest easy, the chief and his force will catch the villain,
    soon after batman would get the batmobile and be off on a secret fact finding tour of gotham, looking for the hideout of that chapters villain, whether it would be a run down factory, warehouse, shipping yard or a cleverly disguised
    surveilance van

  • i took notice of the riddlers top ten riddles, not much of a challenge for the dynamic duo,
    although sometimes trhe riddler had easy riddles to lure the caped crusaders to a trap

  • Wow, that was just dumb. And that redhead couldn’t dance.  But my oh my…HUMINA HUMINA HUMINA  :evil:

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