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    I don’t mean to make this political in any way, there are way to many conflicting views on that… I only wish to say that may we never forget the Lives lost on that fateful day 5 years ago… may they all rest in peace…


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    Today is a good day to remember the deaths of 2,973 American Citizens who never knew what it was they did, or why they were being killed, or what hit them.

    It’s truely a horrible thing that happened to those men, women and children.

    (See, I valiently refrained from any political statements!!!  Yay me!)

  • A few of them DID know why they died.  Their remains were recovered from a field in Somerset County, Pennsylvania (BTW, that is John Murtha’s district, in case anyone cares).

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    Also I would like to give recognition and condolences to those who still mourn those they lost that day… I never lost anyone that day, but I know that so many others did, and the pain they have is more then I can imagine; I am truly sorry.


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    9/11 should not just be a day to mourn 2,973 citizens - today we should remember every citizen of every nation that has died for the words and actions of their leaders. I pray for all of them, and ask that God grants them peace.

  • I missed a day’s worth of lectures on pituitary disorders, watching the events that we commemorate today with my friend Mazda (a Persian ENT resident).  I shed a couple of tears that day. . . .
    Today i commemorated to myself by changing my dating practice by writing “9/11” on all of my scrips/lab-work (usually i write out the month and day) and by doing that i remembered the terrible tragedy of 5 years ago.
    And then i realized that by writing “9/11” instead of “Sept 11” i saved myself from writing 2 characters.  I’m going to do this from now on.

  • I am impressed with the maturity and growth shown by everyone here.


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