• Wonder if it would help the axis, and actually add some variation at the start of the game.
    Before the game starts, Japan and Germany can liquidate all their acess into IPC (not IC, AA), and they can decide what to buy and where to put those on the map. Anyone has tried that?
    (Would be nice to convert a BB into a CV + 2 INF).
    Would this rule work without bidding ?

  • Kkyin,

    Well that’s the joy of A&A games you can modify it enough to keep the game fresh. Although some would argue that historically that’s what the map should look like September 1, 1941, but if that’s something your group wants to try go for it.


  • 2007 AAR League

    You would need some serious placement rules for this though, or else I wouldn’t start the game with a single yellow unit - Everything starts German, and most of those units start in West Russia  :mrgreen:

  • That’s a good point if you liquidated everything and made them all INF in say West Russia you could very easily take Moscow on G1.

    You would have to make a rule like:

    No more then 25 IPC’s worth of units on territories with an IC.
    No more than 20 IPC’s worth of units on other territories.
    Navy units may only be placed on adjacent sea zones.

    I don’t think I would ever liquidate all my units like that I think they are pretty fair where every thing is, but it’s an interesting idea.


  • A total liquidation may not be needed.

    Just swap a few units (say allow $20 IPC of units to be moved).

    Also, remember this is a Classic thread, so there is no West Russia on the board :-)

  • Sorry your correct, on the no W Russia.

    Yes, Thats a better idea. It takes to long to set up now No point in drawing it out.


  • $20 may not be enough if you negate a bid.  A $20 re-deploy though should cut the bid back significantly…

    Japan moves some units to Manch and Kwang
    Germany adds a unit to Libya
    Germany pulls back in Ukraine…
    Add a unit to FIC, Eastern, and Libya

    Net effect is a slightly weakend PE/PAfr/PAsia combo without a bid.  Sacrifice Ukraine (and probably Norway as well) in exchange for almost all of Africa AND Syria on G1, and preventing an early Allied strike in Manch and the Kwangtung Maneuver.  Sacrifice $3, gain Africa stronger and broader, and accelerate the Japan advance…  Russia would come out about even, Japan would be ahead, Germany would be significantly ahead, and UK would be weaker from the start.

    Would be an interesting game…

  • ok… let’s add one little restriction
    each territory should have number of units equal to or more than the land’s IPC.
    valueless territory should have at least 1 unit.
    and axis can’t share their liquidated asset

    Redeployment is actually a better term than liquidation.

  • I could live with that.  8-)


  • Greetings  :-o !
    Here is a variant that I designed to spice up the game,(classic).
    All players do their buys before the start of the turn, now place your buys at factories.
    Now collect the Nationality charts and shuffle them upside down, (secretly), Yes, unknown order of play!

    Turn over the top card and that player starts their turn. When they are finished with their turn and have collected their income turn over the next card, and so on till all players have completed a round of play.
      It is a totally new game, very fun and a lot more realistic in my opinion.
      Crazy Ivan :roll:

  • '18 '17 '16 '11 Moderator

    Total liquidation would end any Allied threat at all.  You’d have to give the allies a bid of about 21 IPC just to defend forward territories.

  • Turn over the top card and that player starts their turn. When they are finished with their turn and have collected their income turn over the next card, and so on till all players have completed a round of play.

    it could lead to chaos and double turns as well. Its good or plausible if your playing an everyman for himself type of game.

  • '18 '17 '16 '11 Moderator

    I agree with IL.  But it’s a good idea for just determining which nation starts and then following the standard order.  At least if you just want variety in the game.

  • Yes IL,
        It can lead to something like UK going last in one round and first in the next round; ie: a double impluse before anyone else can move. As I said, this is a totally different game now.
      But, if you are getting somewhat bored with the same old thing, and want to try something new, ( in the WWII venue) then this is a very economical way to do it.
    So give it a try and then tell me what you think about it.
      I garentee sweaty palms and emotional highs and lows thriughout the game. Some games may be shorter than you are used to, but then you still may have time for a reset and play a new one.
    This is a good solitare game as well as a multi-player. A free-for-all will also work, but I can’t garentee game balance, what with new alliances being formed and reformed throughout the game. should be fun though. and if you are not trying to have fun, you probibly shouldn’t be playing anyway, right.

    Another variant is to have all players place their rebuilds, turn over all the cards to show the order of play this round. Then in order of the cards each player does their combat moves, then roll their combat resolutions, followed by their non-combat moves once all combat has been resolved,
    ( non-combat can actually be done by all players at the same time to save time). Collect income, check for Victory conditions as usual before collecting the cards and continuing to the next round.
    This takes some of the surprise out of the game, but allows for retreat from combat and reinforcing a combat if you are not one of the first players to have to move.    Basicallly, you got good intel this round and can better react to your opponents opening moves better.
    Placing your rebuilds first, allows you to better defend your factories/capitals prior to the combat rounds as well as have an ample reserve force.

    So, to recap;
        It is a new game with the board and peices we love to push around.
        It has new strategies to contemplate
        It can feel like riding a roller coaster and playing AA at the same time
        and, it is a cheap way to play a new game.
      This is not you Daddy’s A and A.
      Hope you enjoy it as much as we did.
      :-o crazy Ivan

  • How bout you just have the nation with the most IPC total play first and go along down the line. At least you get some gauge of where you are gonna play if you are a poor IPC player.

  • :roll:
    USA…All the way?
      What you are askng for is some sort of a gareteed stability, no surprises or chance of a good break for the player/s who really need one.
    i like the unknown factor  :-o.
    Once again, it is a different game, with surprise attacks and sudden death in every round of play.
      Crazy Ivan

    The only certain thing in life is:
      The die rolls are usually crappy when you really need them to be really great.

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