• I have a pretty wild strategy that I’m looking to get some feedback on. The plan focuses on negating the vulnerability the axis powers face by having to defend multiple fronts throught the game. Germany purchases all infantry and starts by immediately invading the first factory in Russia within the first or second turn. Your ability to do this relies on how Russia moves first. Move all available tanks, planes and infantry into this attack, leaving minimal forces in most of Germany. The purchased infantry go back into Germany to defend against certain British attack.

    Japan meanwhile builds 2 transports and 3 tanks. You can use the fleet to attack the American fleet, but your primary goal is to get as many land forces as possible to the mainland to stage an assault on the second Russian factory. I believe that with fighter support and a continual focus on transports and tanks, Japan can advance and take the second Russian factory in 3-4 moves. Germany can continually attack Russia from its new aquired factory, but should not take it as the plan hinges on Japan taking control of this factory.

    Once Japan has safely secured the second factory, Russia is out of the picture, as they cannpt collect IPC’s when their capital is captured. Great Britian has likely done some damage to old Germany at this point, but now Japan and Germany can both attack Great Britian from nearby Russia. Even if Great Britian has taken Germany, it should not take more than a few turns for the combined axis forces to retake, and if Japan liberates it, they can also produce their! I would expect Great Britian to fall in another 4-5 moves as Russia sits helpless and America remains too far away to do any real damage.

    I haven’t tried this yet, but I think it would work. Please email any feedback to jman@usinternet.com


  • Couple of problems with this. I’m assumming you dont use your airforce to kill the British navy or backup Africa? What happens when Britan pops in 1 figher and some inf every turn? Or better yet, T1 you get 4 British inf into WE, then America 2 inf, then its a pretty even battle for Karelia, with odds to Russia. Then, after that, America, with its 3 Trn buy, puts 6 MORE inf into WE, then Britan puts its buy into WE. Bottom line, your plan would fail.

    No offense, just attack Karelia before T7 is hard, if not impossible.

  • Where is the USA fitting into this? You’ll have to divert some Axis effort to them, no matter where they strike. If they hit the Soviet Far East by turn 3, you’ll divert the higher percentage of the Asian force to deal with it…

  • I think it could work but the dices factor is too important. I prefer more safe and long-term strategies like African invasion + Japan invasion of Asia+Russia.

  • If there were only 3 players in the game - Germany, Japan, and Russia - then your plan would work. Unfortunately you haven’t factored in Great Britian and USA’s moves into your plan. USA and GB can do an all-out anti-Germany campaign and land 10-16 infantry per turn in Europe within 3 or 4 turns. How does Germany deal with that?

    If Germany can take Karelia and hold it, and Japan can take Moscow - then you’ll probably win. Be very careful about leaving Europe undefended though. There is nothing worse than the German’s taking Moscow - collecting all those extra IPC’s from the Russian treasury, and then having GB and USA in a one/two punch taking Berlin because you left it undefended. GB or USA steals all your money and all the money you just stole from the Russians.

  • look at it this way, T1 USA builds 3 Transports 4 infantry. At the end of this turn, USA has 5 Transport in the water (although the fate of the Pacific transport remains to be decided) T2 USA has 4 Transports load 8 inf into its Transports and puts them anywhere. Since it doesnt seem your making any Africa Effort, the Infanty can go to Finland- Normay. Britan builds an India Factory and 3 tanks, moving it’s transport into Blocking position so you can’t invade india. If China Survives, (You never know) America Retreats into Sinkang. Russia, seeing Japan playing aggresively, retreats into Novobrisk. Then, when(Max) 9 inf 3 tanks get into Yakut, Russia Counter attacks, destroying or at least killing a few. Turn 2 Britan attacks Indochina with 4 Tanks 2 infanry, more if he didnt block with his transport. Japan has been stalled, Germany has tons of Transport bound D-Dayers coming in, and Britan may just overwhelm Japan with it’s India Factory.

    Radical Strategies = Embarassing Defeat

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