• Have you ever played axis and allies the way where like great britain can attack usa, or usa attack russia? tell me if you’ve played that way and if you like it or not!

  • No, but I’ve heard of it being played that way. I haven’t, but I don’t think I’d like it, as I think the point of Axis and Allies is to be in those sides, and I’m also certain that all games would be essentially the same.

  • Actually that is how the first group I was in would play the game every other time. It was mega fun to be japan that way, would slowing infect Asia and build a massive sub fleet and rule the seas, lord I caused some words of anger to be fired around after sinking transports all over the world.

  • i’ve played it that way before it was different. Try this some time: set up the game as usual. Set aside one NCM for each country mix up the NCM’s and pick one at random. That country is now “neutral” it doesn’t collect income, it just stands and dies (like in RISK). Before the shooting starts have one round of diplomacy where you try to form an alliance. Otherwise go it alone! Works best if you’ve 4 players!

  • you can do that in axis and allies ironblitz oh btw its fun makeing russia super powerful then piting germany USA and great briten agenst it

  • what if usa is neutral and germany and japan are allies?

  • -then you gotta quick game!

  • A&A iron blitz has several built in scenarios. Some not only have different countries for the Allies and axis, but also have different starting countries\weapons\developments for each country.

  • Have you ever set up the game with one power being totally dominant
    and all other nations must unite to stop that power?

    One time me and a buddy were playing A&A original. I was the Allies and he was the axis. Although the Germans were just about done, the Japanese were doing very well controlling massive ammounts of the Asian mainland and most of Africa. It helped that he had industrial tech and heavy bombers (we used to play with free wd rolls if you got a six you rolled to see what you got so it wasn’t too weird if somebody had more than one…,) I didn’t put the game away so when he came by the next day for a re match he asked if I had enough! he talked trash saying he could beat me just with Japan… Well we played the game out except now the germans were against the Japanese, but only controlled Germany proper. It was a pretty wild game.

    I usually play to the end even if losing.

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    think it’s interesting… but certain nation are not good with other…

  • 2007 AAR League

    Once when playing the A&A Italian version, I had Italy attack Germany because the Allies were losing badly. So Italy ended up controlling Berlin and all of Africa except F.Madagascar. If you’re playing with the Italians and their capital is captured, you could make a rule that they automatically go to the Allies’ side. However, that’s another topic 😎 .

  • someone tried to make a game with japan vs world
    japan starts with japan and okinawa (production of 9)

    all the countries start with no units, except japan get’s an unlimited ic. Japan starts with 300 ipcs to buy whatever. When the other countries buy an ic, it’s limited.

    The problem is, japan can just build men and transports and take and hold western usa.

  • 2007 AAR League

    Sounds pretty crazy 😄 !

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