Change in SBR Rules

  • I always thought the SBR rules were a bit week.  What if instead of doing the SBR during a normal players turn to knock off money it was conducted at the targeted country’s during its production phase.  The bomber(and fighters) must make it past AA and defending fighters.  Once through they choose a unit the targeted player is building.  They then get to roll a die to see if they knock that unit out before it even makes it on the board.

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    Never been on the receiving end of England and America hitting you with 6 bombers a round, have you?

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    which rules OOB or HIstorical edition rules?

  • i have but usually by that time the game is over anyway

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    I’ve been hit like that by round 4, hardly end game scenario.  Thing is, my AA Guns never hit…when I use the strat I loose 1 bomber a round…really ticks me off cause it’s an awesome strat.  Germany earns 12 IPC a round, Russia earns 24-40 IPC a round.  Fast game!

  • I haven’t played old AA in a while.  I play World at War now, and its not as easily done in WAW.  You should try it if you haven’t

  • yeah smaller territories with the World at War variant

    starting with OOB you actually want to WEAKEN SBR rules
    you can make German bleed in a way thats too powerful for both gameplay balance and realism

    hitting things during production is a great idea
    it doesn’t make sense to be able to destroy IPC at an unused IC
    but I wouldn’t make it actual units but remain as IPCs

    its not easy to make a nice rule for OOB though
    the income and production is all messed up by the USSR,Germany,UK,Japan,US play order

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