• Hi,

    Some years ago we started playing A&A with Spring 1942 1st edition (just to be sure: the one where China consists of 2 territories and belongs to the USA), but we moved to 1940 Global two years ago.

    I might be introducing some people to A&A in a few weeks and figured Spring 1942 would be a nice introduction, just to see if they like it. I noticed a new edition of the game has been released, where changes were made to both the map and the rules.

    I won’t be able to change the map I have, so my question is this: is there a recommended or well established update to the rules/setup of the 1st edition that reflects the changes made in 2nd edition?

    For example: should we also start pricing tanks at 6 IPCs? Or modify the AAA to fire at only 3 planes? Add a factory to India?

  • I would stick with the OOB rules for Spring 1942. I have this edition as well and sometimes play it just for nostalgia. Global is quite a leap from 1942 and to hold people’s attention long enough to get them to play it again is a difficult task. I would even suggest playing one side of Global. Maybe just do Europe. YoungGrasshopper has a fantastic video about bringing new players to the game. Here is the link  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T5L8E60BC4U&t=1245s

  • Thanks, we might give it a go not to change anything.

    Off topic: I’ve thought about Europe 1940, but it’s so many rules and exceptions. I’d rather underwhelm than overwhelm them  🙂 If they like Spring '42, they can always ‘upgrade’ to Global/Europe 1940 later on. If they think Spring 42 is too complicated, then the game series just isn’t for them. If they think it’s too simple, I can spring my Global-1940-monstersized-board-trap  :lol: I just want them to have a good time, get used to the flow of the game and see what happens.

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