Aircraft Rule Change for AA1914

  • I find that a fight to the death for Fighters in AA1914, where all other land battles are one round, makes it risky and sometimes not profitable to invest in air power as you can win or lose an entire set of IPCs on that one 4v4 battle that goes bad for you.

    To make aircraft more interesting, I think Air Superiority should be decided as goes :

    1. Aircraft now hit on d3 instead of d2
    2. Attack lasts ONE round
    3. Player with the most aircraft at the end has Superiority; a tie means no one has the advantage

    I understand this means you can overwhelm your enemy with large forces or aircraft, but honestly what odds would a 1v3 have of winning ? At least this way you strategize based on that to get that bonus.

    What do you think ?

  • Excellent idea.  Enough said.

  • During the regular round of combat do they hit on 2 or 3?  (2 would be my preference).

    So, if I attack with 3 against 1, then its automatic superiority.  But OOB rules its 5:1 (I need the math confirmed).  So, its a trade off between a chance of prevailing on defense vs. surviving in normal combat and giving up superiority.  (Maybe the defender should have choice, multi vs single round?)

    Also it would seem the sky needs to be clear of enemy aircraft to provide artillery support.  So since the premise of your rule to provide incentive to purchase aircraft (which I agree), then allow the defender (after the 1 round of air superiority) to retreat them.  Then the attacker would have clear skies for artillery support, or the defender can choose to stand and fight.  The defender can only retreat to a friendly non-contested territory (must have 1 inf unit of same power).  This rule would also just be hit on 2, and retreating defending aircraft do not get to roll.

  • Carolina,

    I see your point and believe you are touching on good items. That being said, for this to work, I would say that the defender should have the choice to decide if he fights for the air altogether.

    Say you are attacked and the enemy has 3 airplanes and you have 1, you should be allowed to either defend OR not defend. The latter would mean that you forego aerial combat and leave your enemy master of the air for just showing up and your aircraft is not allowed to fire at the ground units.

    Forcing the defender into one mandatory round means he could still get wiped consistently. I think players should have the option of :

    1. Engage in air battles at all (if you are the defender)
    2. Retreat from the battle and yield air supremacy

    Yeah, on second thought, that sounds like a good rule !

  • Now it sounds so good I will try this next time.

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