Global war game 1936 version 3 playtesting

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    Hey there. I was invited to join General Hand Grenades hosted version 3 playtest. I was joined by Jinx as the Axis powers, Panzer King as the Communists, GHG as France, KMT and US. Finaly myself Rank Carcass as the commonwealth. This was a bit of a challenge as not all parts of the new rules etc. Are printed up for us or finalized. We had a great time discussing our experiences and interpretations of the game changes.
    Prototype test of map setups and rules all subject to changes! Surprising Axis victory with French home country never attacked!
    I have a YouTube playlist link regarding the playtesting here:
    Tanks on the Tunda:

  • @Rank-Carcass I do like the new convoy rules better, even though you think they might favor the raiders. I would fix that by requiring the convoy protectors to develop some kind of technology like sonar. That would require sonar to provide a benefit that counters the impact the new rules has for the raiders.

    Very interesting strategy from the Germans. I wonder if that won’t become the standard strategy for the Germans moving forward - if they can knock out the Russians quickly without the Allies harming them on the west front that seems like a consistent recipe for success.

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    Thanks for this!

    I’ve been curious about this for a while, and am hoping for no complete disappointment to my below question.

    How different is this new map going to be? Like, are we talking just cosmetic changes? Or are they changing things a lot?

    Relatedly, if the map is drastically different, how is that going to affect the existing expansions? Are those of us with the current 1936 map just kind of screwed into no additional changes/fixes/expansions/etc. to the current map, with all focus on the new one? Or are the changes largely cosmetic to the point where the old map isn’t made obsolete?



  • @Chris_Henry
    Here are some observations from watching this play test at GHG’s and the one in March at HBG.

    Subjectively: (i.e. you may like the change or not)
    The bases will be printed on the new map.
    They seem to be tinkering with the “cities territories.”
    E.g. London will be have the size it is now, but the UK will have 4 territories instead of 3 making up their home country.

    Objectively: (i.e. things that will change gameplay)
    They are adding new terrain such as jungle and desert.
    I think they are tinkering with the rail gauges.

    In the current version, terrain is technically an optional rule. So the question to ask yourself is “am I going to play with the new rule set?” If the answer is yes, then plan to get the new map. If the answer is no, then you may have to tweak expansions as they come out to fit your game.
    I.e. if they came out with a jungle war expansion, you probably wouldn’t gain any game mechanical benefit from that expansion if you weren’t playing with jungle rules, but you would have new pieces. (Note: the jungle expansion is a hypothetical.)

  • @Wildcat6305
    Thanks for the reply! Yeah, I watched the video after I posted (dumb of me), and noticed the new cities, new islands in the pacific, etc.

    I wasn’t too worried about the terrain features, if that was the only change. I could find some other way to represent jungle, dessert, tundra, etc. with my current map. But sounds like that won’t work.

    Not going to lie, that’s highly disappointing. Really disappointing that they’d do that to your customers who already shelled out $150.00+ for the current map, just to make a new one making this obsolete. You essentially HAVE to buy the new one in order to get the rule fixes (which are desperately needed), otherwise they would not make sense with the old map, or would have to be further modified/house ruled by individual owners. Just upsetting, because we don’t all have $150.00 to throw around every 2 years when they decide to update the map.

    Oh well, looks like I’ll have to think on it.

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