@Wildcat6305 Thanks for the reply! Yeah, I watched the video after I posted (dumb of me), and noticed the new cities, new islands in the pacific, etc. I wasn’t too worried about the terrain features, if that was the only change. I could find some other way to represent jungle, dessert, tundra, etc. with my current map. But sounds like that won’t work. Not going to lie, that’s highly disappointing. Really disappointing that they’d do that to your customers who already shelled out $150.00+ for the current map, just to make a new one making this obsolete. You essentially HAVE to buy the new one in order to get the rule fixes (which are desperately needed), otherwise they would not make sense with the old map, or would have to be further modified/house ruled by individual owners. Just upsetting, because we don’t all have $150.00 to throw around every 2 years when they decide to update the map. Oh well, looks like I’ll have to think on it.