AARHE: Phase 2: Technology

  • ++++ again this is not proper terminology…

    I pulled those out from wikipedia.
    Do you mean it shouldn’t be named after a specific technology?

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    NO im saying the air missions must have the proper name. The aspects of ASW that represent say the ability of planes to enjoy search should be named according to what it was historically referred to… post anything on this… we need to have proper historical names for this technology.

  • So how is heavy tanks gonna work?

    Opening fire? +1 attack? Cost ?

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    AS a new unit … that would be a different thread. as part of the tech tree i see Germany having the lead followed by soviets, british and americans, last is japan.

    so say the total tech boxes for heavy tanks is fixed at 4 boxes…

    germany would have 3 boxes checked allready, soviets 2, US/UK one box allready checked… and japan has a full 4 boxes empty they are lagging…

    as a unit its best to address this under a seperate thread… but

    attack 4 ,defend 4, cost 7 or 8, move 2 spaces.

  • what would guided torpedos do?

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    I would have Japan allready with this and with USA about 1-2  boxes away from completion. this would be a 3-4 box tech. it would allow a +1 attack by divebombers/ torpedo bombers on surface ships.

  • as mentioned before I hope we don’t have a very varied no. of boxes for the technologies

    say would be good if it was either 2, 4, or 8 boxes
    rather than 2,3,4,5…

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    OK then you accept that fact that some technologies are “harder” than others? Secondly, why does the boxes have to be 2,4,6,8… or rather even quantities? is their some special consideration you have in mind? are you aiming for simplicity in some way?

    where would you have the tech box count as?

  • yeah I certainly accept harder and easier technologies

    doesn’t have to be 2, 4, 8 I guess
    just 2 or 3 “difficulty” levels

    could try 1, 3, 6 actually

    oh yeah we need names for the two “categories” of technology
    like weapons development and weapons upgrade

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    I know you guys are deep in discovering new technologies, but have you ever thought of this?

    How about making certain technology “Appear” when it becomes “necessary”. Like you lose all your tanks in one turn or a certain amount of a course of turns and then you start researching it with benefits to research it i.e. Cheaper costs free rolls etc…


  • Hey Guerrilla Guy and Imperious Leader,

    I registered at this website, like you told me to. Can anyone brief me on what’s happening? I understand this is the tech section.

    Gen. Alexander Patch

  • Moderator

    Welcome to AaA.org! Tech discussion is going on here… Any thread with AARHE (Axis and Allies Revised Historical Edition) is the ones your looking for…


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    Hey General Patch:  Please read topics under phase two sections. Currently were still working on Tech, new units, neutrals, lend lease. the top 4-5 threads are mostly exactly what were doing. Our team is: The Duke, Tekkyy, Micoom, B. Andersson, Guerrilla Guy, and about 4 others who chime in from time to time… and myself.

  • welcome to the group

  • 2007 AAR League

    Whew this was a long read… and there’s even larger topics to go. Yay for summer! J

    War has traditionally been a time for technological advancement - primarily because circumstances force. Free dice, though, doesn’t seem real to me. Instead, what about a progressive investment scheme?

    It would go something like this: For every X IPCs you invest into research per turn you receive X number of research credits. Each technology/development costs X research credits. This helps to eliminate those instances where you effectively lose the game because of a few bad rolls (God knows how many times I’ve lost 10-15 IPCs trying to get rockets… and failing). It also makes research more realistic, as every breakthrough would have a different cost and time frame.

  • Some technologies were sought after with great amounts of money to no avail. This game is suppose to be historical, therefor, spending enough money to automatically get a tech would not be historical.

    Perhaps it could be a good idea for some very minor techs, like advanced infantry training or that sort, things that won’t drastically alter the game but would give a Nation a slight edge.

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    have you read the sections regarding Techs? its not too unlike what you just came up with. check it out

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    I have read it. Unless I’m mistaken, though, the idea so far still involves free dice. That’s the main thing I’d like to see changed.

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    Free Dice is a commodity for players, I would say that should be bought (Scientific Infrastructure)… This scientific Infrastructure (Which mind you isn’t cheap and isn’t a “free tech” with every 6) can be only invested into, none of this “oh-look-at-all-this-dough”… With this Infrastructure though projects “budgets” can be increased with certain actions depending on a set “condition” i.e. Jet Power: May roll 1 Additional Dice for free if you take 2 Plane Casualties related to Jet Aircraft Attack" or “Better Naval Guns: may give you 2 Additional Dice Rolls for free if you lose 30 IPC’s worth of shipping and/or Naval Aircraft in one battle”…

    Thoughts on this?


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    Also to consider:

    this strategic level game is abstracted and to take say 50% of your money and goto “vegas” for the tech rolls is a flaw in the game IMO. Its fun but it does this:

    player one spends 10-15 on tech and by luck gets heavy bombers… player two knows that his game is bust unless he basically spends all his money on his next turn and hopes he rolls well. Lets say he does not. Then he has for sure lost the game due to a turns loss of tempo. Its like losing your capital. The level of investment for tech in the game is way out of balance to what $ in this game represents. Instead tech should follow some natural inclination based on that nations track record that was established long before the war started. Thus germany will be closer to making some heavy tanks or jets because before the war they were allready close to this tech. USA was closer to making a A bomb than say Japan.

    The free roll idea is one way to keep this things from destroying a nations budget with those vegas rolls. “Spend it all sleep in a hall” as the saying goes.

    and i might add the fact that the allies who have done on average more research and have larger economies also have 3 rolls to the axis 2 rolls, however the axis have substantial gains in specific tech areas. This is truely more realistic and easy to use.

    check it out:

    a player rolls one d6 if he gets a 6 result he gets to check off a tech box bringing him closer to completing the tech required to obtain the new invention.

  • yeah free rolls and progressive research (boxes you tick off) is important to prevent these overly portraited gambling

  • For now I think we need these two technologies because of our new Anti-submarine warfare.

    Advanced ASW Reconnaissance
    Your ASW attack rolls now hit on 4.

    Advanced ASW Weapons
    Your ASW attack rolls now hit on 3.

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    Those are good names! they would be good to describe the techs relative to asw warfare.

  • The ASW techs are quite important because of the new submarine rules.
    This is very apparent on playtesting.

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    I did playtest yesterday and no glitches were found. What was very clear is subs have an entirely different impact in the game… and its much more useful as an alternate form of “buying capital ships” as your navy. It further brings in the element of siege forcing the enemy to hunt your u boats.

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