AARHE 1939 - Why Does China Have A Factory?

  • If China is incapable of replacing aircraft or building armor, why are they given a factory in the game?  In reality, China had only the capability to build infantry - which was poorly trained and equipt.  The presence of a factory in the game allows for China to build any type of unit.

    As infantry are built at victory cities, I propose removing the factory from China.

    I have similar feeling with the factory at India.  Are we giving these countries capacity beyond their capabilities?  OOr are we doing it for playability, which is a different focus?

  • Imperious Leader made the 1939 map
    it has many ICs hehe

    from memory of discussion…
    the IC at India is not historic but for gameplay
    the IC at China I think was supposed to be removed, and we may add a rule in 1939 rule book to let China build artillery without IC

    not sure if it matters but recall in AARHE there is the “4X limit”, so an IC on a 1 IPC territory can’t build tanks

  • and its neat that you’ve added prefix “AARHE 1939” to topic name
    makes the house rules forum tidy
    as we have AARHE, AARe, and incoming AA50 (or whatever the official shortname is) discussion in the forum

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    yea that factory can built only either artillery or infantry due to the 4X rule Tekkyy eludes too.

    China needs to build artillery …sometimes…

  • My bad… I forgot the 4x rule.  That clears up a lot.

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