Idea for a House Rule for China.

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    Okay, I know this is probably not historical since in WW2 the Chinese were not expansionist and were caught up in their own civil war between the Nationalists and the Communists.
    However, I propose a house rule where China CAN move beyond the borders of China…within reason. I’m not proposing a scenario where you have Chinese armies marching through Poland on their way to Berlin. However, doesn’t anyone think that Chinese troops should be able to enter more territories on the Pacific board at least? I’m basically speaking about Mongolian territories, Korea and the far Eastern Soviet territories, but it should include French Indo-China, Shan State, Siam, Malaya and India as well.
    We are currently playing a game where Japan has been totally pushed out of China. There was a small land force in Northern China which was surrounded by Chinese infantry. The small Japanese force simply jumped up into Mongolia, thus untouchable by all those Chinese infantry. So basically, the Japanese land forces escaped fighting the Chinese (and probably getting wiped out) by trecking across Mongolia and Russia, which is having enough problems with the Germans. Also, at one point there were 3 Japanese transports sitting in SZ 19 totally undefended and the Chinese Flying Tiger fighter was right there on the coast. Yet because of the special Chinese rules, the fighter couldn’t fly out and sink them so instead just had to sit there and look at them floating around and mocking him.

    So, what I propose is a new rule where if ALL Chinese territories are in Chinese hands, Chinese units should be allowed to venture into other territories outside of China in order to chase fleeing Axis units. Any territories they liberate of course go to the original countries. Mongolian territories would revert back to Soviet control. Perhaps China could even keep Korea for itself.
    If Axis forces manage to take an original Chinese territory (one with the Nationalist Chinese symbol on the map), any Chinese forces outside of China must either be “frozen” in place or start heading back for Chinese borders until ALL Axis forces are once again driven totally out of ANY Chinese territory. As I mentioned before, Chinese troop movement should still be restricted to the Pacific map only. We don’t want Chinese forces straying too far from home.
    So, does anyone else think this is a good idea?

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    Controlling ALL of China, is no simple feat…  I don’t know if you want that to be a standard for your rule.

    The Japanese will just take 1 territory on their turn, to have their unguarded transports mock your fighter again lol.

  • yeah i use a similar rule to this one when i play

  • there is not enough chinese markers to conquer other territories! 😮

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    there is not enough chinese markers to conquer other territories! 😮

    You wouldn’t need a lot of Chinese markers because you would only be liberating the territories for either USSR or UK/India. The only territories China could actually conquer would be Korea, and maybe French Indo-China if Paris hasn’t been liberated yet. Now, if Calcutta and/or Moscow were to be in Axis hands, then that might be a potential problem, although if China is doing well enough to venture beyond their own borders, most likely the Axis aren’t doing so well and haven’t captured those capitals.

    Controlling ALL of China, is no simple feat…  I don’t know if you want that to be a standard for your rule.

    The Japanese will just take 1 territory on their turn, to have their unguarded transports mock your fighter again lol.

    In the game I mentioned, the only Japanese land units were way up in Russia. China and SE Asia were totally cleared. Also, the only navy Japan had left were those 3 transports and 2 subs and SZ 6 was totally occupied by the US Navy, so no new Jap ships were being built and those transports had nothing to carry. But I get your point.
    I think it should be kind of a strict rule. After all, if Chinese territories are in Axis hands, then their troops shouldn’t be off traipsing around Russia, should they? Security of China must come first.

  • I like the rule. It makes sense and is not overly complicated, but like Garg says not likely to happen that often.

  • I like the idea. It will make China a real power.

  • I would like the Chinese to expand their wall, but don’t think I would link it to they hold all of China (all orig tt’s totaling 23 IPCs) would be very hard for China to reach, and too easy for Japan to grab one. Maybe you allow them more range based on how well the Chinese are doing, and can only expand their boarders if they reach a goal (liberation). They start w/12 tt’s valued at 12 IPCs total (but are normally down 4 on J1), and there are 11 IPCs more worth that Japan occupies at the start of the game. So if they hold say 15/23 original Chinese tt (could be a higher #), at the beginning of their turn, then they can expand into other tt’s TBD (see below). They wouldn’t have to include all 12 they start the game with, it could be a mix to get to 15/23 value, and they would have to have the min tt’s at the start of their turn. So they could lose some 1 IPC tt’s, but liberate the more valuable coastal tt’s to achieve expansion. I might also say that once they can expand they don’t lose that ability, because it could lead to a gray area if they start losing ground and get messy.

    As for Mongolia, only allow the Chinese to enter Mongolia if the Japs or Russians break the Nap (activate Mongolia) under Alpha+3 rules (if the Nap is in tact then Chinese stay out). Also allowing them into the continental Asian tt’s works for me. India, Shan, FIC, Malaya and maybe Siam & Korea. I guess that China would get paid for Siam, and Korea (and UK tt’s if India was captured), and be able to place units there. Not so sure about the Russian tt’s though, would probably stop there to see how things go. And I guess you could allow the ftr to enter to sea (this might just lead to it getting killed though), but no China men on tpts, keep them on the Mainland (if you were thinking about it).

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    Yeah, perhaps holding ALL Chinese territories is too restrictive, but I still think it shouldn’t be too easy for China to achieve whatever goal is set to allow them to go outside of their borders. I was about to say if they take back Shanghai, but that might lead to a situation where Japan builds an IC there and simply starts stacking infantry there and CHina would never get it back.
    I think 15/23 IPCs worth is still a little too light. What do you think about 18/23?  17/23?

    I am in a game now where Japan put everything into taking India on J3. They were successful, but it cost them a lot. The US Navy occupied SZ 6 and took Korea. China has all their territories now and a good amount of men in every coastal territory so it will be hard for Japan to get back on the mainland. I am still using the current rules so Chinese troops are only allowed in Burma and Kwangtung outside of China itself. This is frustrating because China also has 9 infantry in Burma right now and they still have their fighter available. Japan can only build 3 units per round in India, but all those Chinese infantry can’t touch them. With their fighter, I’m pretty sure 9 infantry could take out 3 Japanese tanks and liberate India.

    This is why I am proposing this rule. If this happened in real life, the Chinese beat the Japs out of China and had a huge army sitting in Burma while Japan occupied India but with limited resources, don’t you think CHina would have attacked to liberate India from the Japanese? I think they would, happily.

  • Good idea but Chinese army can only attack in Indochina,Burma and Mongolia. China can also receive lend lease form USSR.

  • I went lower at 15/23 because after J1 the Chinese lose 4 tt’s normally, and 15/23 just about doubles what happens from there. I think that 18/23 (and is still divisible by 3 for inf BTW) would be fine though, and most likely would work for the game your in now. I feel that they should at the very least should be able to help to liberate India (part of the Burma road, and I believe some Chinese divisions did end up retreating to India) if they have their own affairs in order first (18/23 does that IMO). It’s really what your comfortable with.

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