House rules for using the new 1941 sculpts in other global games…

  • Light tanks should be 2-2-2-5. Cost 5 because if they were 4 who would by mechanized infantry? They also had thin armour, so a 2 is reasonable for defence.
    2-2-2-5 for light. maybe attack at 3 if combined with medium/heavy
    3-3-2-6 for medium
    4-4-1-8 for heavy
    I’d like to see a heavy only being able to move 1 because of how much fuel it takes to move these babies long distances. plus if they moved 2 spaces they would be pretty overpowered.

    Alternate fighter should not be 4-4-4-11. Who would buy a tac bomber when you could buy a fighter worth the same amount with better stats. should be worth at LEAST 12. I like the 3-3-4-9 as an alternate fighter.

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    Right heavy tank moves 1 in combat and 2 in NCM

    Light tank at 2-2-2-5 vs. 2-3-2-5  makes me want heavy artillery if the light is 2-2-2-5

  • but if you make the light tanks attack at 3 if combined with heavier armour, or maybe even defend at 3 if combined with infantry. tanks are sitting ducks if they don’t have infantry to support them. then id say 2-2-2-5 makes sense. 3 at defence if combined with infantry would be a good compromise don’t you agree? I just don’t like seeing light tanks have the same defence as medium tanks. artillery can only move 1 space. but a light tank can move 2 and blitz. so thats where the extra cost comes from. heavy artillery have 3-2-1 while light is 2-2-2. taking away attacking power for extra movement.

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    IL - Don’t you have essentially three kinds of artillery in your list?  (I am thinking that your SPA is a type of tank destroyer?) How do represent heavy artillery for each nation as differentiated between it and regular artillery?  I know some sets have different artillery pieces but there aren’t enough sets out yet, or do you just borrow and paint it as needed?

    Also, why no elite infantry?  I borrowed the idea from some of your past threads.

    I agree that there are a lot of units between OOB/HBG/FMG, but I don’t plan on using every unit type they put out.  We don’t use any of the trucks, armored cars, or alternate artillery pieces.

    It doesn’t seem overly complicated to have two infantry types, three tank - with TD as a fourth, two artillery types, along with the mech infantry.  However, I haven’t had the time to really play test anything.

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    IL - Don’t you have essentially three kinds of artillery in your list?  (I am thinking that your SPA is a type of tank destroyer?)

    SPA are large caliber guns mounted on tank platforms and can include TD. Heavy Artillery are siege guns or saturation weapons.

    How do represent heavy artillery for each nation as differentiated between it and regular artillery?  I know some sets have different artillery pieces but there aren’t enough sets out yet, or do you just borrow and paint it as needed?

    Yea thats true right now, i’m using table tactics artillery.

    Also, why no elite infantry?  I borrowed the idea from some of your past threads.

    Yea but it is not really Historical, they had some elite Infantry, but mostly elite armor ( which is encapsulated into heavy armor). The benefit for a cheaper infantry offers a player defense, while having another 2-2-1-4 unit ruins the broth. We already got a 2-2-1-4 unit called Artillery anyway.

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    When I think elite infantry I think Hero. I just had a thought. A hero would add morale to the nation. So special abilities but say upon winning a battle on offense or defense you would roll a die and take that number of IPC to your bank. Maybe divide by 2 round up depending on the game. Global might be straight up gains. Drop a roundel under one infantry at the start of the game and he’s your hero. Once he dies he is dead for good or you could put him back on next round but maybe only at a capitol. Just a thought as I agree with IL that there is no need for enhanced stats on infantry.

    To clarify: improved morale equals improved production by the nations civilian workers.

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    I like the idea of improved production with the hero.  It kind of reminds me of the series “pacific” where that one hero from the battle of Guadal Canal traveled around helping sell war bonds.  Only, he ended up going back and fighting in Iwo Jima and was killed.

    Haven’t had time to play test any of the rules we have been working on though!

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    IL - Have you played HBG’s 1939 Global Variant?  Because they use elite troops in that game and I was wondering how it might have played for your taste?

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    Here are some of the elite infantry types we are trying to integrate into our “house rules” game play, all of which we thought had historical context to the war:

    Russian Elite Guards: Initially, the organization and effectiveness of the Red Army was disastrous.  As the war progressed there was a reorganizing of the Red Army. Following victory in some battles, the Red Army was selecting those units which had particularly distinguished themselves in battle and using them as ‘core’ units around which to build up elite formations to which it was applying the designation…“GUARDS”.  They generally had a higher establishment of life-saving artillery and automatic weapons, a greater basic load of ammunition and, for much of the war, a priority on supply allocations. Attack on a 2 or less and defend at a 3 or less in original Soviet territories. Max of 4 Guards units total.

    Russian Partisans: Russia conscripted many of its civilians to help defend their cities. The partisan units may never leave the city, defend at a 1, and do not participate in attack.  A 0-1-0-2 unit with max of 5 per city.  Additional unit characteristic - Insurgency

    British Commandos: After the events leading to the Dunkirk evacuation, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Winston Churchill, called for a force to be assembled and equipped to inflict casualties on the Germans and bolster British morale. Churchill told the joint Chiefs of Staff to propose measures for an offensive against German-occupied Europe, and stated: “they must be prepared with specially trained troops of the hunter class who can develop a reign of terror down the enemy coast.”
    Unit characteristics: Act as normal infantry except gaining a +1 during the first round of attack/defense. Limit of 1 unit per round (max of 6). Additional characteristic: May perform RAIDS prior to a battle.

    U.S. Army Ranger Paratroops: United States Army Rangers are elite members of the United States Army.  In May 1942, the 1st Ranger Battalion was sanctioned, recruited, and began training Northern Ireland. Of 500 volunteers who first formed the Rangers only 87 were alive by the end of the war.  Rangers participated in raids taking out important targets and/or holding vital roads/bridges, the invasion of Normandy, hiked one thousand miles over the Himilayas to cut off the Burma road from the Japanese, as well as leading the invasion of the Philipines. 
    Unit characteristics: Attack at a +1 on turn (all rounds) that unit is air dropped, then acts like a regular infantry; May also perform Raids.  U.S. may begin purchasing these units when at war (max of 6 total).

    We are also using Japanese SNLF, Waffen SS, Italian Bersaglieri, and Marines (pacific theater).

    Just showing some historical context for these - although it is my understanding that Larry Harris always envisioned that all these types of units are represented in the pieces provided in his games.

    We are trying to keep game balance in mind by limiting numbers, and providing elite units for both the axis and the allies.

  • Great idea Imperious Leader! this makes 1941 actually worth buying, and i agree WOTC have gone even cheaper

  • I use the marine rules from the old pacific game in my global games. My paratrooper rules mirror the old marine rules. Dropping paratroopers from an airtransport gives them +1 to there attack. Other wise they’re normal inf. But thats a side note to the original post.

  • since we know what the new sculpts for the British and German arty is in 1942 2nd does anyone have thought on those to maybe put with the 1941 sculpts into 1940?

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    yea working on this solution to add the 1941 pieces and new 1942 pieces as tech upgrades for units.

  • thank you!

  • the hard part seems to be 3 different russian and uk subs and 3 different uk destroyers. With 2 of each it’s kind of easy but with the 3rd is a headache.

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    In that case we just don’t use one of the sculpts.

  • 😞 but I’m a piece junkie. I don’t understand? why wouldn’t I use a piece I can get my grubby little paws on?  😄

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    because three types of artillery or destroyer units for each player is too much. Not enough slots on a D6 to accommodate the unit, nor any value is modeling three different artillery.

  • i know it was suppose to be funny

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