• We just bought AAA1941 and there are not enough markers to compensate for the lack of infantry and other units.  So we want to purchase more plastic units, but I cannot find the same pieces without having to buy a whole new entire game.  Can anyone tell me where I can purchase multiples of the Russian, German, American, British, Russian and Japanese units so they match what we already have? Thx…

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    I’m not sure, but I really believe that for the same cost of single units you might get a better price with another complete 1941 game.

    However, you may look on used game being sold at reduced price. Comparing prices may reveal which is best to purchase.

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    The game is currently $20.99 on Amazon with Prime shipping.  I’ve seen it as low as $15.99 (that’s when I bought an extra game to supplement my pieces).  Definitely the most cost effective.

    Also, if you find you are liking the game, you may want to eventually try the next step, which is 1942 2nd Edition.  That is currently $46 on Amazon.  Kill two birds - a bunch of extra sculpts you can use in 1941 and an expanded game you can move up to when you’ve got a few games of 1941 under your belt.

    Alternately, there are occasionally eBay sellers who sell extra pieces, and you might score a good deal there.

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    My A&A journey began with 1941.

    Too few units so I looked at buying more from HBG - see the link at thd bottom of this web page.

    Decided that another set of 1941 would be more cost effective.

    But then realised that if I am buying another whole game I should go to the next variant up the chain - 1942 Second Edition - and combine the units.

    That is what I did and I have never doubted that for me (I.e. given my level of interest in the game and each of its variants) this was absolutely the right decision.  🙂

    If you want to know more about the other variants, Dad, you only gave to ask.


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    Agree with everyone else here… while HBG is (more or less) the “official” place where all us unit-lovers buy extra units… for the “I just need a bunch more of everything” kinda guy like what you’re needing to do… you have two or three cost-effective methods.

    1. Just buy a 2nd copy of 1941 and double-up the units for roughly $15-$20 bucks… its going to be cheaper than buying the same number of units at HBG…

    2. Prep yourself for the next upgrade, and just buy 1942.2SE… this will get you a LOT more units you can combine into a single pool for use with EITHER game (I’d personally recommend this method, I did it myself, like PrivatePanic).

    3. You can sometimes get lucky on E-Bay and see someone selling bundles of A&A units reasonably priced… it still maybe cheaper to just buy another copy of the game if you want a bunch of everything for every nation.

    When you want to get more specific, like “I need more German tanks” or “I just don’t have enough US Fighters”… that’s when you hit-up HBG.

  • Good feedback, but the chips from A&A 1914 dont match the rest of the A&A games.

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    Good feedback, but the chips from A&A 1914 dont match the rest of the A&A games.

    I don’t think anyone mentioned 1914…

    Also, any upgrade above 1941 is going to offer way more chips than comes with 1941 as well.

  • If your only looking for new chips, i would look online for mini poker chips. They come in many colors and run about $3 for 50 pcs. You can buy 2 sets of white and 1 red and it wont matter if they match SOME versions of the games because thats still a lot of chips

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