• Hello all. I have ran across something I want to try but I do not believe the rules will allow to fully happen. On USSR turn one I want to try placing a single destroyer in the Baltic with the German Navy. This is purely to throw them off course. However, in reading the rulebook, you do not have to conduct combat there as Germany. Does this allow the transport to be able to leave and unload units elsewhere? Also I plan to move the Russian sub outside of Denmark but that doesn’t restrict movement as I understand it.

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    Evening greenmustang21. You are right on both accounts.
    Naval units starting in a Hostile SZ, can leave that SZ instead of staying to fight. A Transport, could move out, therefore, load in a friendly SZ and move again, if it has movement remaining.
    Subs do not  make a SZ hostile, so can be ignored for movement.

  • Thank you for the quick reply! I have not purchased navy with Russia as inf is clearly in demand, but it was a thought to throw off the Germans in the Atlantic.

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    Probably best to stick  to ground units. Germany can hit you hard, then Japan comes at you from behind too.

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