Fighter Carrier Combat Move rules question

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    I had a quick question on fighter carrier combat moves and I can’t remember how it was handled, so…

    I know a ftr can move into combat (4 spaces) provided there is some way it can land. IE Japan ftr to Pearl on J1. If ftr lives the carrier can pick it up, if fighter dies the carrier can move elsewhere.


    Can the fighter still attack if the carrier movement is blocked?

    So take the Pearl scenario, Japan fighter on Japan, Carrier at Car Is (will be doing the pick up), BUT US DD at Wake sz and Sol Sz blocking carrier movement. HOWEVER, Japan is attacking one of the DDs with 10 subs. So Victory is almost assured in killing the DD. Can two ftrs from Japan still attack a DD at pearl?

    What if it is 5 DDs at wake and 5 DD’s at sol blocking and you are only attacking with 1 sub? IE no hope of winning. Assuming you had two carriers at Car Is and 4 ftrs on Japan, can you send those 4 ftrs to kill 2 dd protecting 10 transports knowing that ultimately the ftrs likely won’t be able to land?

  • My understanding is for the purpose of demonstrating a landing spot, you can assume you will win any battles with no casualties.  So in the scenario you describe you can assume your one sub will sink all 10 destroyers, thereby clearing a path for the carrier to move up and pick up the fighters. However, i believe you would then be required to actually fight that battle.

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    Hi Darth.

    I believe drsnidely to be correct. In fact Wittman just did this to me in a 40G forum game.


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    Thanks guys.  That is kind of what I thought or remember from AA50.

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