• Hi

    Since I’m new to the game, I’d like to ask a couple of questions.

    First of all, imagine the situation. The German player has a submarine and the British a destroyer and a cruiser. If the British attack and suffer one loss-the cruiser-can the British continue their attack? Can they choose to attack and the German player can choose to submerge or defend? Or the battle immediately ends there?

    Also, can you build an Industrial complex on enemy land you conquer?

    And another, not a rule question. Which power should construct new industrial complexes and where would you suggest? More importantly about the Japanese player. East Indies, Borneo or Manchukuo?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hi Finrod Hellas. Glad you are enjoying the game. Ask as many questions  as you want and ask again if no clearer when someone answers.

    If as UK you attack with a DD and a CR and fail to hit the German Sub, but he hits you,  you would lose the CR and stay and fight a second round. This would enable you to continue the battle.
    The Sub can only submerge rather than fight  if there is no DD present.

    You can build on enemy territory, but not on the turn you capture the territory.

    We all play differently, regards ICs for Japan.
    I like one on mainland Asia to start. Others might prefer Borneo.

  • I have heard that Phillipines IC is good too, I haven´t tried it yet though.

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