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    Just finished a 11hr game with some old friends that lasted 11 rounds.  I was playing as Japan and lost my entire naval fleet.  I anticipated USA’s next move was either coming to Tokyo or Shanghai.  To prevent his fleet from using bombardment on Japan or attempting to cut his path off to Shanghai coast I bought and placed a cruiser off the East coast of Japan.  Question 1: Could USA choose to attack the cruiser with minimal ships or planes and then reserve his battleships to bombard Japan?  I told him no because all Navy must participate in the seas zone battle first.  Which was followed with uncomfortable silence.  I don’t want to lose friends over a game but I was only stating what I really thought was true but now am second guessing myself. Question 2: If he opted to send his transports to Shanghai would his transports be able to move an additional space to the coast and unload when his navy wipes out my lone cruiser?  My group of players are good friends of mine and they look to me to state the truth/rules since I am the biggest die hard A&A player out of the group. However, sometimes I think they think I bend the rules to my favor which of course is not the case.  Any help with the questions would be great, thanks!

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    Morning Pfc Pander.

    1.You are correct. A naval battle precludes a naval bombardment.You cannot split your force and do both.
    The only time he could choose to bombard, is if the naval unit was a Sub or Transport, as they do not make the SZ hostile. He then could choose to either sink the ship with all his navy(never some) or ignore it and bombard.

    2. No. If the Cruiser is in SZ60, he could not reach SZ 62 to amphibiously land, as you have successfully blocked his direct path.
    If he owned Shanghai, he could drop units there in Non Combat after eliminating your Cruiser in the Combat round.
    I think I have understood this is not the case.

    Please ask again if unclear or if your friends doubt you.
    I hope you have many fun games ahead.

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    I feel much better now!  Thank you.  Fyi- Axis won the game by Germany taking Moscow, London, and India totaling 9 victory cities.

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    Many think the Axis have the advantage in this version, so if you find the Axis win again, perhaps you should give the Allies a couple, or three, of extra Inf units(India and Egypt, or Russia).

  • It’s helpful to have the rulebook handy to reference when questions pop up.  Even if you think you know the rule it’s better just to find it in the rulebook and show your friend so that you build trust.  After a couple times of being right he will just take your word without question.

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