Irma hurricane game transport rule question!

  • forgive me all as i am embarresed i have forgotten this,im in florida playin a game during the storm with family,. so please clarify during non-combat phase can u load a transport with units that have not yet moved during the combat phase, and then unload them as well that same turn.  im speaking of units that can normally move one space.(inf,artly,) thanks guys

  • Yes, you can.  If neither the transport nor the units have moved previously, the can be loaded, transported and unloaded on non combat.  However, they cannot move through a canal that you did not control prior to combat.

  • 2017 '16

    As long as your Transport is not in a contested SZ.
    You cannot load units in NCM if there is an enemy surface warship in the SZ you need to pick land units.

  • thanks guys i appreciate it. cant believe ive been playin the wrong way for a while now. i had units counting one to get on and one to get off in NCM. so only tanks were able to. woops lol

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