Thx and rule question

  • hi guys,

    first of all thanks a lot. The forum is great.

    I need your help. Can i  (attacker) choose a aircraft carrier as causality, when my two attacking fighters are still alive and only one of the two attacking fighters will reach a landing spot? Can the two fighter keep on attacking?

    Britain attack the japan fleet near indian in J1. As Britain i want to kill the fleet at all costs. I take the fighter from egypt. Is it possible to choose the aircraft arrier as first causality and keep on attacking?

    Please excuse my bad english. I hope u understand me and i hope u can help me.

    Thanks a lot

  • Yes.

  • As long as your fighters have a viable landing spot(i.e. the aircraft carrier), then they can keep on attacking. What you can’t do is move your fighters to a seazone or territory and not have enough movement left to land on a aircraft carrier or territory(i.e. move your fighter 4 movement points), then crash it into the seazone or territory you just attacked. That’s called a suicide mission. In your case, since the aircraft carrier was a viable landing spot for your fighter(s), you can take the aircraft carrier as a casualty. However, remember that if you have fighters left after the battle ends and the AC('s) are dead, your fighters  will have to have enough movement points left to land somewhere else or they die(crash into the sea). Also, damaged AC’s can’t have fighters land on them. This applies to Global 1940(i.e. 2 hit AC’s). Can’t remember off the top of my head if AC’s are 2 hit units in 1942 2nd edition.

  • I got it. Thank you.

    AC’s are no 2 hit units in 1942 2nd edition.

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