Rule question subs, destroyer and bombers

  • Hi everybody,

    I am sorry if this question popped up before, I couldnt find any related topics.

    Consider the following situation.

    5 German subs are attacked by one british destroyer and 1 british bomber (all in the same sea zone). The UK destroyer enables the bomber to attack the subs. What happens if the UK destroyer is killed in the first round of the combat? Does the effect of the destroyer still last for the whole battle even after it is destroyed? Or does the battle end after this turn?
    And if the battle goes on, can only the bomber attack the subs or can the subs also fire on the bomber???

    I hope that this is understandable!

    Thank you!

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    Hi Josn. No, if you lose the Sub you can no longer hit the Subs with the Bomber.
    The Subs cannot hit the Bomber and vice versa.

  • What Wittman meant to say was, if you lose the Destroyer, then your bomber can no longer attack the Subs. You would only have combat for one round if you lose your Destroyer in round one. You have to have Destroyers present to hit Subs with aircraft in combat. Sub hits can never be allocated to air units.

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    Thank you Commando Brado. I did mean Destroyer!
    I apologise if I caused any confusion Josn.

  • All right got it. Thank you guys 🙂

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