Rule clarification on boats retreating from attack - sea battle

  • I understand that boats can withdraw from an attack and withdraw from a zone that any one of them were coming from.

    So is it possible in the first turn for UK to take the fleet from SZ39 and move them in to the combat with Fleet from SZ35 against the Japs at SZ37.The transporter takes Aussie troops with him. After the first round of combat, those that are left, the whole fleet retreats to SZ35.

    So in effect the Transporter from SZ39 has moved 3 spaces and offloads in to India (SZ35)?

  • Official Q&A

    This is a legal move, except for the part about transporting land units.  Units may be loaded onto a transport during combat movement only for an amphibious assault.  I suppose you could load them for a declared amphibious assault against East Indies with the intent of retreating, but you still would not be able to offload them in India in the same turn, as transports may not offload after retreating.  Of course, none of this would work if you managed to destroy the Japanese fleet in one round, as there would then be nothing to retreat from.

  • “…transporters can not offload after retreating…” thanks that clarifies the situation.

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