"Tall Paul's" JAPANESE units, detailed & painted by the "WARMACHINE Team"

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    ––Oh, and here’s the FINISHED pic of ALL of the Japanese G-8N “Rita” Heavy Bombers in the Mainland scheme doing a group flyover on their way to the Phillipines. Enjoy!

    Tall Paul

    Japan_mainland Bomber, Heavy (G8N) ALL-01CC.jpg

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    Nice Collection!

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    Doug and others,


    Nice Collection!
    **––I also have some SHAPEWAYS G-5N “Liz” 4-engine Heavy Bombers to add to the mix,…once they’re painted that is. They look somewhat like a Japanese B-24 “Liberator”, just different. I’ll post a couple of pics below.

    Tall Paul**

    G-5N Liz-01.jpg
    G-5N Liz-02.jpg

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    This is really, really awesome work TP!

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    YG & Others,


    This is really, really awesome work TP!
    **––What kind words to say,…especially from someone’s opinion I truly admire.
    –Personally I like these G-5N “Liz” Bombers much better than the G-8N “Rita” Bombers for my ‘standard’ Japanese Heavy Bomber.
    –Or…if your commenting on ALL of these units, well Thanks. Just remember, all of the time, effort, and expense of detailing, painting, & decalling these units is for one purpose:
    –To have FUN!
    –with my wargaming friends,…and with people I have YET TO MEET. I really enjoy this strategy game we call AXIS & ALLIES, and I truly enjoy sharing FUN with other gamers. I haven’t been very active here on .Org lately as I’ve been very busy trying to get the last funding for my upcoming Railroad & Military Museum. I will have a venue where all of you gamers can visit & have FUN!

    Tall Paul**

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    Awesome work as always…… 🙂 go team warmachine

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    Awesome work as always…… 🙂 go team warmachine
    **––Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed them. You know, I think the best thing about these painted units is that they’ve probably had a small influence on inspiring others to paint their units, also.

    Tall Paul**

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    Wow!  Such cool pieces! (Been awhile Paul)  And there’s others I’ve yet to see that are posted -

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