• Im in a game against myself
    I have 52 ipc’s
    I have all of France
    I want to go g4 declaration of war
    There is no uk navy
    Italy got not that great dice
    Should i go all inf
    Or go inf then a carrier/trn

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    I wouldn’t mess with buying navy unless you are planning on Sealion. In that case then a carrier and transports would be good as long as you already have the ground units to fill them.

    If you are not planning Sealion and are planning on a G4 Barbarossa, then I would get a lot of infantry and artillery as they can move to the border on G3. Also, you mentioned no Royal Navy, is your Luftwaffe still in good shape? If it is, then you definitely want as many infantry and artillery as possible for hit soakers to protect your tanks and planes. If your Luftwaffe got depleted in killing the Royal Navy, then perhaps you could afford to build one or two planes to start rebuilding and the rest in inf/art.
    On G3, I would buy tanks and mechs that can reach the battles when you launch Barbarossa on G4.
    Good luck.

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    Good luck?!  Dude is playing against himself!  :lol:

  • Honestly, just try something you wouldn’t vs. another player. That’s what to do when playing yourself–perhaps you find some awesome tactic/strategy!

  • Playing against yourself, I guess it is difficult to fake an attack on London… :?
    Good luck in your game!
    (build INF, SUB and a few ART)

  • Yeah, that’s true…

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    Buy at least 1 air unit per German turn weather you need it or not, you will thank yourself later (not the enemy you, the other you).

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    it’s already g4 you better go with the ground pounders
    and as hop says get some air too
    let us know who wins

  • Just don’t buy all mechanized infantry.

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    you will thank yourself later (not the enemy you, the other you).

    Very funny Grasshopper!  Only Smeagol could pull off an honest game against himself.

  • I’ve tried…and it’s worked somewhat well. What you’ve got to do is make your left hand Allies and your right hand Axis.

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    I’ve never had trouble playing games against myself.  Obviously, you can’t do this very well with games that have secrets (card games, battleship, stratego, etc).  And you know what the other side is trying to do, so you won’t surprise yourself (although when I was a rookie back in the day, sometimes you can.  When you go back to playing the other side, you may notice something you hadn’t before, and BAM - you sink their transports or attack their vulnerable bombers or bomb their defenseless factory).

    You want to get better fast?  Play against yourself.  You get to take every turn, and look hard at your opponent’s perspective on your own play.

    Also, if you’re a rookie, you save yourself the embarassment of others seeing your pathetic missteps.  :lol:

  • I like to buy atleast one tank one artillery one plane (varies on which one) and one sub each turn as germany and the rest goes to infantry

    this is just a generic buy

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