WHat happened to the Play By Post Minis section

  • Did all of those games get deleted?


  • Yeah, Imperious Leader (mod) said that people were spamming on that thread for some reason.  so he said he will move the thread for now under minis discussion or find players, I think until they can fix the problem.

  • Or they got bored and walked away.

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    Their was only one thread. This section of the forums allows spammers to post because it has a different threshold setting which was never corrected. I have to crop out the spam, which entails at times removing the entire thread when it gets overloaded with more spam posts than normal posts. I suggest until it is fixed by administration, that you post games in another section.

    I have made too many requests to fix this and nothing got done, so i just fix it the only way i can which is to ban all spam posts. BY deleting them , they just re register with a new name and the cycle repeats.

    The stupid thing is that search engines like Google no longer draw from data from the “spidering” technique of websites by registering them to generate awareness. Most of the spammers still think it works and they are wrong. It will not get their site to register any higher rank on any internet search.

    Most of these losers never catch on, but i kill them daily.

  • Still confused…do old games get deleted to free up space?  The minins play-by-forum had a few dozen non-spam games posted in it a while back…

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    I only saw one thread. Don’t know about any others.

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