• For those who have played both games, whats your favorite?

  • What is Tide of Iron?

  • I haven’t played Tide of Iron yet, but it can’t possibly have as much variety. It does look like a fun game though. Kind of halfway between this and Risk, in terms of depth.

  • Tide of iron and A&A minies share the same basic rules and game mechanism.
    The basic for both games are the same and the basic is good.

    A&A has tons of different units.

    Tide of iron has few units, but they are all balanced! (A&A atleased used to have highly unbalanced units)

    In tide of iron the german tanks are actually better than the sherman.
    In A&A the sherman is one of the best tanks, due to its improved anti-infanteri fire and fearly low price.

    In A&A movement is very important. Tide of iron often gets stationary

    Tide of iron is bloodier. Units actually DIE!

    Tide of iron is senario-based, and sadly many of the senarios are unbalanced.

    Tide of iron is an attacker versus defender game. The defender has bunkers, minefields, razor wire, tank traps etc.
    The battles seems way more relistics in Tide of iron.

    Marchine-gun of tide of iron is amasing! By putting it on OP-fire mode it can fire at anything that moves, any time it wants!
    Which means a marchine gun is an unit you realy want to take care of before advancing further.

    The mortars of tide of iron is also in my view far supperior to the A&A mortars. You dont need a stupid ‘spotter’ to use an indirect fire.

    The boards of tide of iron is far supperior to the tin paper-boards of Axis and allies minies. And tanks to overlaying hex, tide of iron has a lot more flexibility in map design.

    Tide of iron can be bought in one game. It irritates me a lot that in X amount of boxes, I have never ever gotten a decent German Tanks.

    So to sum up,
    Advantages A&A minies
    -In A&A minies is that speed and movement is important, while tide of iron often gets stationary.
    -A&A minies not dependent on unbalanced senarios.

    Advantages Tide of iron
    -By far better map!
    -More realistic feeling.
    -no unbalanced units.
    -The Marchinegun

    If you realy enjoy A&A minies, you should be Tide of Iron simply because of the far better map which you can use with A&A minis.

  • To reiterate, Tide Of Iron is a board game, in that its not collectable.  Everyone gets the same stuff in their box, just like other board games.  They have an expansion that adds some more units and scenarios I think, according to the website.

    I’m considering putting ToI on my Christmas list, if I here enough positive reviews of it.

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