• I posted this to the Find Players forum as well, but I thought I’d give this a go.

    Any Orlando, FL minis players out there? I really like the game but have no one to play against. And if I played more I’d have an excuse to buy more boosters…

  • In a zombieish voice– must keep buying booster packs even if i have no one to play with, ummmm booster packs…

  • Ha ha!  My local store has a buy 2 boosters get 1 free thing going for several weeks now… sadly I just can’t seem to resist that…

  • thats a sweet deal, a store around here had a buy one get one half off deal, but they didnt say the 1/2 off one had to be equal or leser in value, so i bout 1 booster pack and got the starter set 1/2 off, i ended up doing that 13 times. i have more dice than i know what to do with!

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