Has anybody tried playing just one allied country?

  • I know it’s early in the games existence and will hopefully have a bunch of expansion sets like Heroclix, but has anybody played all British or all U.S. or all Italy for that matter?

    Any successes?

    Can the British win on their own with just this one set?

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    It really depends on the scenario. UK has a machine gun team and the Inpiring Lieutenant with the Tally-Ho ability. If you put a couple of M3 Stuarts together with another powerful tank like the Churchill Croc, then you might have a fairly powerful force.

  • My late-war allies are nominally British, but include Shermans, Jeeps and Bazooka teams as all of these were in service with the British Army.
    The Easy Eights are another matter, of course… my excuse is they’re standing in for Sherman Fireflies…

  • Just haven’t bought enough boosters yet although I can get an all German force working fairly well (just hard to resist putting in those japaneses machine gunners :) ) and a brit/american force. But I’m dieing to try an all Japanese or Russian front offensive…that seems like it would be fun.

  • You can in fact play any country alone except france, though an all Italian Army is expensive on rares.

    I play one that’s something like:
    2x KV-1
    2x Commisar
    8X Mosin

    And it’s competitive.  Obviously it could be stronger, but the KV-1 is probly the second best “value” tank in the game (obviously the Carro is better, and possibly the Sherman), so it’s a reasonably effective army.  The lower the point value, the easier it is to be “faction pure”.  Japanese are way more competitive at 50 pts than 100, for example.

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    How is the Carro a good value tank? One damage marker and there’s a very good chance it’s gone.

  • this was just a “for the hell of it” deal. i had 13 47mm Type 1 Antitank guns, 5 Type 92 Machine-Gun Teams, and 3 Imperial Sergents (all Japenese, if you didnt all ready know) duke it out with 4 Jagdpanthers, 3 Tiger 1’s, and 8 Mauser Kar 98K’s.(all germans, once again if you didnt know) Can you guess who won?

  • Personnaly, I usually play British and I only field British units.

    1 x Churchill Crocodile (these guys are incredible by the way!!!) 35 points
    1 x Stuart 15 points
    1 x Inspiring Lieutenants 10 points
    1 x Humber Scout Car 8 Points
    1 x Vickers Machine-Gun Team 8 points
    5 x SMLE No. 4 Rifle 15 points
    1 x 6-pounder Antitank Gun 9 points

    For a total of 100 points and I can tell you, this army truly kick ass.

  • @djensen:

    How is the Carro a good value tank? One damage marker and there’s a very good chance it’s gone.

    thats a good point, those things get wasted right away, they are really only efficient when you have a bunch of them, but thats the way it is with any of these things.

  • I’m trying to get a few more units for a Russian army. I played a good one last week that was mostly Russian but I had to add a 6-pounder and infantry that weren’t Russian. Now that I have a few more Russians from Set 2 (including a Guards T-34) I just need a few more singles and I’ll give it a whirl.

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    With Set II coming out you’ll be able to field and effective Soviet team and Japanese team. There are a couple of new Japanese tanks that are pretty good.

    You might even be able to put together a Chinese team but you might have to amek a house rule that allows more than 15 units per team or play 80 pts. or something. Those 2pt soldiers don’t really fill out the points very well.

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