Combining A&A Guadalcanal, A&A Minis, and A&A War at Sea

  • I briefly saw a link somewhere for house rules on combining all three of these into a mini-campaign. My recent text searches have just pointed to the A&A Guadalcanal game. Does anybody know of any house rules along these lines?

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    I know at the Avalon Hill site they posted a bunch of scenarios for the Guadalcanal battles. I do not remember any of them involving the War at Sea fleets. (I don’t play the land minis but I always seem to be reading about them  :? )

    They also did a campaign where they used Axis and Allies Europe and Pacific boards to produce scenarios.

    Is the first part of the G’canal series.

    But now that I look closer at this:

    I think this is the first part :

    of what you were asking about.

  • Thanks Frimmel,

    I have these Each figure would represent a certain amount of points in the miniature game. For example, one infantry figure equals 50 points in Axis and Allies Miniatures. So if a player moves 3 infantry figures in to a space where the enemy has 2 infantry figures, rather than rolling dice once to determine the outcome of the battle, you would play a 150 point to 100 point miniatures battle to determine the outcome. The same could be done with Axis and Allies War at Sea.

  • I’ve never played the boardgames but am I right to think that such a combined campaign would play the board game for major unit movements and then at the 50 points AAmini to 1 infantry board unit scale you would resolve all combat using the minis and then adjust the board results?

  • Yes, that’s the idea. It would make the campaign board game very long and drawn out but it would really enhance the tactical play. The idea of trying to hold off overwhelming odds for the sake of achieving a better result elsewhere on the campaign level sounds fascinating.

    The Guadalcanal Campaign sounds idea for this combo because its at a point in the war where victory could swing either way. Niether Axis nor the Allies had uncontested control of the land, air or sea at this point in the war.

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    They already went thru one campaign like that over at AH. You played the battles and sent in the results and they averaged the results to adjust the board. It seemed pretty neat.

    The boardgames also provided unit restrictions for each side if I recall.

    Cobalt was that list link I posted fromt the boardgame/minis combined campaign that AH ran or was it another set of scenarios created all on its own?

  • The previous link for the Guadalcanal miniatures campaign alternates between Axis & Allies Miniatures battles and War at Sea Battles. It does not tie in with their Guadalcanal board game. I don’t think they have yet to combine all three games into one campaign. I’d like to try something like that at my local game scene because I think it would be to difficult to do via PBEM.

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