Whew! 19 rounds & 22 hours later, Axis wins.

  • '17 '16 Customizer

    Interestingly enough, my experienced opponent conceded w/ the Axis 8 rounds/12 hours into it. I thought it was premature but he did not see how he could pull it off. China was out of the game, India & ANZAC had not fallen, but there was no US navy in the pacific. US had captured Italy, but Germany was strong and had Russia on the ropes. When he conceded, it was 3:00am so we left the game set up & walked away. Next morning my son was looking at the board and concluded, like I did, that the game was not lost for the Axis just yet. He looked at me and said “Well old fat man, lets play this out!” So I took over the Axis and my son took the Allies and away we went. We’ve put a couple rounds in a night and 9 days later, I managed to pull it off w/ the Axis! It’s teetered back and forth w/ many cold dice battles. Both US & Japan have heavy bombers & radar. Japan also has Long Range Aircraft & War bonds. It’s been quite the slug fest w/ both sides knocking each other down to 1 or 2 units deciding the outcome of battles. It’s the longest game I’ve ever played but MAN, is this the best A&A game or what? It ended w/ Japan invading Western US  & Mexico while Germany finished off Russia. Very exciting, very long and very satisfying. I love this game!

  • It is by far the best A&A ever
    glad you had a good game

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    How many Russians did you kill?

  • '17 '16 Customizer


    How many Russians did you kill?

    As many as I could reach! Both Russia and Germany were, at different points in the game,  knocking on each others capital door. The “dice Gods” would change their favors and battles that should have been easily won were lost. That’s what makes this game so much fun and interesting! The best laid plans……

  • Wow, 10 days of Axis and Allies. That’s pretty hardcore. I have to agree that this is the best version of A&A yet. Can’t wait for my group’s game this month.

  • TripleA

    yeah global can take forever and a day, but at least you had action instead of a mexican standoff.

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