Who has the advantage? Axis or Allies?

  • TripleA

    Every version of the board game favored one side. For revised it was allies and for aa50 with NOS it was axis. For classic I remember doing 13-20 bids for axis.

    Which side is favored in Alpha +3?

    What do you think the bid should be?

  • I think it’s still too early to say!

  • TripleA

    I doubt it.

    allies are trickier to play, but this poll is meant for those who have things figured out. Played games through with no huge mistakes. Both LL and dice players.

    Axis pretty much picks something and goes through with it. Germany does london or russia. Italy goes for africa or tries to bombard russia… I can see some india threat with italy being possible.

  • '10


    I doubt it.

    I don’t . I think Noll is right.


    but this poll is meant for those who have things figured out.

    This is the funny part…. :lol: :lol:

    Lots of people THINK they have things figured out, but they don’t.
    We have seen it A LOT with Alpha +2, people are convinced of one thing until they realize it’s not so clear cut and then change their mind, again and again…

    First Alpha 3 is dated of October 14th, and last update is of November 17th, and by December 2nd, it’s all figured out by average players…hahahaha…


  • TripleA

    well, people who play on a forum are addicts lol. I mean it takes super long to play by forum, but I see some people play 8 games at once.

  • @Cow:

    well, people who play on a forum are addicts lol. I mean it takes super long to play by forum, but I see some people play 8 games at once.

    I play here and I still think it’s too early.

  • TripleA

    that is what undecided is for :).

    USA got gimped hard over the rules changes. I feel they need more land troops to take south america sooner. They are just so damn far away, give em some nuetrals to entertain the guy in the mean time.

    Axis have the upper hand so it makes sense to give USA some joes to knock out South America quicker and entertain the guy somewhat.

  • you can’t activate neutrals with america untill you’re at war.

    And saying USA is weak…  😐

  • TripleA

    they should get rid of that rule too. bs usa do nothin policy. Probably better USA just gets south america when war kicks off like how the ruskies just get mongolia when japan breaks their deal. Waste of damn time in my opinion.

  • Well, the rule is both realistic as practical (Axis having the advantage of speed and Allies growing in time)

    It’s all good, i don’t see why it would need change, and certainly they don’t need to be stronger as they already are.

    edit: it’s not a waste of time, it’s a possible tool for Axis to use.

    edit2: if it’s about a short attention span or the player being entertained from turn 1, let him play Germany 😉

    Or play Spring 42, that one is really fast!

  • I think it is mainly in the axis favor because of the Victory conditions. I don’t think just winning on one board is enough. I personally think it should drag out until either side has a complete victory, but of course that takes to long, so we usually combine the 2 axis victory conditions in Alpha 3+, since if the allies only focus on one side, the other grows to powerful.

  • Otahere I don’t think it is a problem so much as the axis would probably never win. With The combined economies of the allies the Axis would have a REALLY hard time winning on both boards in the long term.

  • TripleA

    allies have a greater income, but axis have an advantage of proximity and not having to rely on transports (except for Japan).

    Victory conditions don’t matter as players always agree to what they want.  I actually like the current setup, I feel germany could use one or two more guys for round 1 to smooth things out… usa should likewise get a few more guys to take South America sooner.

    Germany can bust a nut real fast taking london, moscow is a little trickier since tanks are 6. slug or blitz.

    probably going to have to make up some rules for the next game, not going to wait 6 months for the next version.

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