Please post when (and only when) you finally get your AAE40 home.

  • OK, so this thread has gotten off topic so I reposted it.

    Please post when (and only when) you finally get your AAE40 home.


    -What AAG40 territory name you live in (Central United States, Quebec, Malta, Greater Southern Germany, etc.)

    • how (Local game store, far away game store, shipped to home, other).

  • Here is who we have so far.

    August 20,2010:
    I’m officially not supposed to have it yet…  😄

    But, having now seen AA Global 1940 set up: holy guacamole! 😛

    Got it on 8/20
    I’m in Illinois
    Shipped to my house from online vendor.

    August 21,2010:
    Got the last one at a game store in the Twin Cities last night! Drove like a half hour (on the other side of town)  Really awesome looking set-up.  Still chincy with the tokens for AA, Industrial, Airbase & Naval base, but the card stock was a little heavier with cap on both sides instead of bare cardboard backed like Pacific was…

    Will be playing my first global game tonight with friends!

    August 21,2010:
    mike b
    Gahh!  I’m in Ontario and I called my game store to see if they had it early and they did…but someone snagged the copy before I could get it.

    August 21,2010:
    i have received my copy of europe yesterday (21 august 2010)
    i live in holland

    August 23,2010:
    I got mine today… Monday August 23rd.

    I live in the Western US Territory of the game

    I picked it up at a local game store for 72 bucks.  In retrospect I’m soooo glad I didnt preorder online!

    August 23, 2010:
    On Monday Aug 23 the game store called and said my copy was in, with a note saying ‘go ahead and release it’. I only had time to glance at the rulebook. I live in Central United States territory. Originally, the game store said it would come in on Thursday the 26th. Things changed.

    August 24, 2010:
    I got mine on Monday afternoon. Called about 10 stores in a 30 mile radius that carry AA games (from AH site). From the calls I made I found out it was it was being shipped Fed-ex, and finely one said yeah we got it. It was a 30 mile trek from my house, but I got it home about 4:00 Monday afternoon. Set up both games on my pool-table, and it looks awesome. I play hockey Monday night, so didn’t get to start a game until I got home at about 11:00 that night. We played till about 4:00 am, and only got through 2 rounds. Both sides made some mistakes, so I think we may call it a practice game and start a new one tonight after work.

    August 24, 2010:
    Got mine yesterday.  Shipped the rest to FMG customers

    August 24, 2010:
    Purchased mine today, 8/24 at local hobby shop in Central U.S… They have 3 more available along with 2 aap40. setting up board now,will be playing this weekend. Good Luck!

    August 24, 2010:
    Picked up my copy from the local game store today.  Twas excellent.  Only sad thing is that I’m going to have to wait until AABattlemap comes out with a Global or Europe/Pacific combo map, as I appear to have emigrated to the far end of the universe here in Lubbock, TX.  (That or wait for TripleA.)

    Things I Have Noticed From Opening Up AAE40:

    The Russian battleship looks really retarted coming out of the bag (imagine a battleship with a big smokestack in the middle of it).

    There are no French infantry pieces with their hands held up in surrender.

    The German aircraft carriers look hella sexy compared to the US and UK ones.

    Germany’s artillery still looks just like an AA gun (stupid 88s, those WERE anti-aircraft guns with their barrels lowered to the ground!)

    Japan comes with WAYYYY too many units (compared to the other sides) for its theater.  Game Balance, Game Shlamance!

    UK’s rondels for both the European and Pacific theaters are EXACTLY the same (good luck putting the right rondels back into the right box!)

    The European US and France players share the same box (guess you’re not supposed to split up the French player with the UK).

    Further postings as events warrant!

    August 24, 2010:
    August 24th

    Alberta Saskatchewan Manitoba

    Local store, I reserved it a couple weeks in advance. It’s sad, there was a giant pile of untouched Europe 1940s and the employee got all excited when I decided to buy one. I don’t think anyone else bought one…:(

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    Got mine on the 24th from local hobby shop.  Live in Quebec.

  • Did you delete the original thread? I don’t see it

  • I got my copy of Europe 1940 yesterday (8/24) at a local game store, in Los Angeles. (Pasadena actually) Out of 10 or 11 shops that I called, only one store had it in stock.

  • August 25, 2010 - 11:25 am
    Columbus, Ohio
    CoolStuffInc - UPS Delivery

  • Got it!!! 11:30am- coolstuff- Aug 25th 😄

  • August 25th, 10:30am CST
    Wisconsin, USA
    Coolstuffinc  :lol:

  • Aug 25th 11:15am

  • @Stikato:

    I got my copy of Europe 1940 yesterday (8/24) at a local game store, in Los Angeles. (Pasadena actually) Out of 10 or 11 shops that I called, only one store had it in stock.

    That’s great news! It’s actually selling well everywhere other than Alberta it seems.

  • Got my 2nd copy from a local game store yesterday, set it up last night and it is awesome.

    Couldn’t wait for my 1st copy to arrive from FMG, I’m too impatient.  I don’t mind it though since I’ll use the French and Italian pieces so I’ll have twice as many as I need.  Also I’ll use the cardboard pieces as well since they are a lot nicer than Pacific.

  • from Coolstuff
    Aug 25.  Atlanta, GA  😄

  • I got mine 8/25 at around 3 p.m.  I ordered from Coolstuffinc. and UPS shipped it.  The box was badly damaged in one corner, but the actual game components are fine.

    Edit: Forgot to include that I live near Lansing, MI.

  • From Coolstuff
    Pittsburgh PA

  • Aug 25/2010
    12:45pm AST
    Strange Adventures Comics

    -Nova Scotia/New Brunswick

  • August 24th, around 10:30am
    at a hobby shop called Boardwalk.
    Cincinnati, Ohio

  • August 24th at around 3:30 pm
    Near Detroit

  • Aug. 25th 2010
    Wichita Falls,TX
    ordered from Cool Stuff Inc.

    Thoes426 :evil:

  • august 24, 645pm
    dragons lair comics
    omaha ne

    played 45 min after opening it.

  • August 25, 2552
    Got it from Coolstuff Inc. via UPS

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    Finally.  Arrived at my house in Iowa at 7:05 CST 8/25/2010 from

    Was shipped 8/20.  😄  Sure is big!

  • Add me to the list baby!!!

  • I got it delivered to my porch August 27 at 12:33 PM Pacific Time in  Western US via UPS who shipped it from miniature marker in Earth City, Missouri

  • 8/25/10 Around 6 PM

    TX/Central USA


  • '10

    Mine arrived today 08/27/10 at 2:46pm eastern by UPS. Came from Fairplaygames with free shipping. First game of Europe is set for monday.

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