A question for IL - Your optional rules on BGG

  • This is a question for IL RE your rules on BGG.

    I have read all of your optional rules and they all seem really great 🙂

    In your experience though, which ones should I use to make the game more advanced and yet maintain the balance of the game.  I really like the Russian Winter rule… but, what rule should I introduce for the axis to rebalance it.


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    They are posted here first and most likely a more current file exists.

    Remember its just 4 pages of rules all the other pages are optional for more realism.

    I suggest you play with the 4 pages then try something like Russian winter, but add in the NO’s because that favors the axis anyway.

    Also, the technology tree and many of the optional rules effect all players equally. It also depends on the quality of the players so you may have a novice playing Russia, so give them partisans, winter rules, and the Siberian army rule.

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  • Thanks mate 🙂

    I’ve also been looking at your gaming site and some of the boards there look amazing.  I’d love you to produce an advanced version of axis and allies with loads more spaces and pieces.  I’d pay a lot for that ^^  I also trust you to playtest and balance the game xD

    Also,  what if any do you think the ramifications of using the “both sides can retreat” rule.  It looks good on paper for prolonging the game…  but would it unbalance it?

    I’m not sure about the convoy rules…

    What is the point of having the convoy zones?  Germany only has 1 and loses it if the allies get Scandinavia (which is a given).  Why roll a d6? I just don’t understand them at all.

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    Germany gets subs for 5 IPC, these can be used to sap UK of income and also go after Lend lease income to Soviets.

    The entire aspect of German subs starving UK is voided in the game. Plus the other aspects that favor the allies are balanced by the German ability to destroy IPC on the high seas.

  • I dont understand the mechanics of them is what I mean.

    How does it all work in game…  I don’t understand how it works from reading the description.

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    Convoy Raid Attack: Each qualifying warship or plane in range can elect to attack a nation in addition to other attacks in the same sea zone if other ships are also present (subs can only attack transports in this manner with or without ASW units defending).

    Procedure: move warship or plane in qualifying sea zone and d6. (See above)
    1-2= 1 IPC lost
    3-4= 2 IPC lost
    5-6= 3 IPC lost

    Following the Convoy Raid each submarine has the option to attack enemy transports located in the sea zone.

    Lets start bit by bit>  each submarine can attack a convoy box. The convoy boxes are discussed latter. Each sub that ends its move in a box rolls one die and the owning player loses the IPC to what was rolled as per above.

    This is similar to AAE, except these boxes can CHANGE OWNERSHIP depending on whether the attached land territories are controlled by you or another player.  For example: if the Soviets take Manchuria, the japanese convoy center in Sea Zone #62 changes hands as a new Soviet convoy zone. The wording perhaps is not correct as i have it, but the idea is the loss of control of your original land territories effects the convoy boxes you had and can change ownership, allowing for new enemies to wage submarine warfare against you. If Japan gets too large the US player buys subs and starts attacking the boxes, which in turn takes off IPC from japan.

    Wolf pack rule: 2+ German subs attacking together gain a +1 attack modifier on convoy raid attacks. This modifier lasts until the Allied player under attack develops ASW technology. This is a standard rule.

    German Submarines cost 5 IPC.

    This is a historical motivation for Germany to naturally buy subs and starve UK. Other rules balance out this advantage

    Convoy Zones: Each nation begins in control of specific sea zones that can be attacked by enemy naval forces or bombers. When the listed territory attached to the convoy zone is occupied by the opposing side the convoy is replaced with a new convoy token of the controlling player. Anytime the enemy enters this sea zone with a warship (not transport) they roll one D6:

    The following convoy centers are in the game:

    Sea zone #5-Convoy removed if Germany loses two of the three: Sweden, Finland, or Norway.

    Sea Zone #14- Convoy removed if Italy loses Libya or Balkans.

    Sea Zone #62- Convoy removed if Japan loses Manchuria.
    Sea Zone #36- Convoy removed if Japan loses French-Indo China.
    Sea Zone #61- Convoy removed if Japan loses Kiangsu or Formosa.

    Soviet Union:
    Sea Zone #4- Convoy removed if Soviets lose Karella S.S.R.

    United Kingdom:  (9)
    Sea Zone #8- Convoy removed if UK loses any part of Canada.
    Sea Zone #2- Convoy removed if UK loses England.
    Sea Zone #28-Convoy removed if UK controls less than 6 IPC in Africa.
    Sea Zone #35-Convoy removed if UK controls loses India.
    Sea Zone #12-Convoy removed if UK controls loses Egypt or Gibraltar.
    Sea Zone #39-Convoy removed if UK controls loses Australia.
    Sea Zone #38-Convoy removed if UK controls loses East Indies.
    Sea Zone #49- Convoy removed if UK loses Borneo.
    Sea Zone #46- Convoy removed if UK loses Australia.

    United States: (8)
    Sea Zone #10- Convoy removed if USA loses Eastern USA.
    Sea Zone #56- Convoy removed if USA loses Western United States.
    Sea Zone #65- Convoy removed if USA loses Alaska.
    Sea Zone #50- Convoy removed if USA loses Philippine Islands.
    Sea Zone #53- Convoy removed if USA loses Hawaii.
    Sea Zone #20- Convoy removed if USA loses Panama or Mexico.
    Sea Zone #18- Convoy removed if USA loses Brazil.
    Sea Zone #19- Convoy removed if USA loses Panama or West Indies.

    Note: In each case when the sea zone listed and its attacked land territory is conquered, a new convoy zone is established by the side that captures the listed territories and the new player can now be attacked in the same manner on your own next turn.

    Example: Japan takes Alaska so the former convoy in Sea Zone #65 is now a Japanese convoy that the American player can attack.

    This could be reworded but understand the convoy boxes are just like territories in the way that the enemy can attack them and occupy them and take IPC from you.

  • I see 🙂

    Have you playtested these rules?  They sound fun on paper.  Id like to see some strategic sea warfare effect the game.

    I think in early rounds though its going to be hard to get Germany to part with IPC’s that are not for ground units.  and if the allies park a fleet in the channel it can just go and kill the odd sub as an when it pleases as they come out of Germany.  Or they could park 2 or 3 destroyers there and just let Germany waste money on subs while the red army buys more land units.

    Unless you close the Baltic via NW europe.

    Even later in the game if the allies are winning germany is just going to turtle… buying subs would spell death for germany.

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    yes playtested. Germany does buy a carrier in the Baltic so it can spend it instead for 3 subs and potentially take 9 IPC off uk, which is a much better investment IMO>

  • Germany buys an AC in the baltic? ?  :mrgreen:

    Not in my games… What would be the bonus of that?  I suppose coupled with the cruiser and subs you have the beginnings of a fleet.  but ive used the subs round 1 to kill UK fleet.

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    It helps prevent the 3 UK bomber buy on UK1 because with the 2 fighters and the rest of your fleet, UK cant sink them for a while at least. Of course your just buying time, but you protect Germany from invasions if you build a starter fleet.

  • Comments noted ^^ hehe… Last question…

    I might give the sub rules and the Russian winter rule a go on Friday when I play in my play group.

    In your opinion though…  What would be a rule to give the axis to balance it out.

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    use the standard rules on the first 4 pages. play the game like that before you move further with optional rules. You have to learn how to win using the basic rules first, before you get in a situation where you got all the bells and whistles on and wonder that its not balanced. It is.

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