I have a house rule please read!

  • OK, here is my house rule, Its is great and fun. In real ww2 they did not have turns to go. For instance Axis and Allies didnt go to a meeting to say alright USSR (Russia) you can not do any attacks or buy anything because its Germanys turn this month. So me and my friend took it to the realistic level. Everyone goes at once ,but it may seem confusing or something like that but it is not you still go in the turn sequence but everyone does it at the same time. Also it helps with many things, its helps by having allied invasions where they can attack the same place or start a strategy to take over a place, also here is a problem we had, what happened was I pushed my troops from Karelia SSR, into Belorussia, then he made attack from Eastern Europe into Karelia SSR. So then we were like crap because Im moving my troops into a different territory and he is moving his troops into my territory that I am leaving open. So we thought of a rule, it is  ,since in WW2 history the axis had to quickly take over otherwise they may have a great chance of losing, they Axis will always beat you into your territory. So that means the Allies will have to defend before they attack. Although if the Axis almost takes out the Allies before the Allies gets to attack the Allies can change his mind, where he does not have to attack the territory he was going to. So basically that is 1 of our house rules tell me what you think about it or if you have any ideas.

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