Guadalcanal House Rules [V1.0]

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    I’ve been watching this forum for a while, but waited until today to create an account. After looking around on the internet for house rules for Guadalcanal, and only finding Krieghund’s submarine changes (I can’t post links at the moment, I guess), I decided to make my own. This isn’t some small change, this changes how the game is played completely.

    These rules are in early development, and we have only just started our first game using these rules, but I wanted to see what feedback you guys can give.

    Guadalcanal was the first Axis and Allies game that I ever played. My dad got it for me for Christmas one year because it was the cheapest version at the time. After playing a few games, we found that we didn�t like some of the major components in the game. We felt that the 15 victory point limit made for a short game that was hard to change the course of midway through. We also felt that, though important, airfields shouldn�t be what decide victory over defeat.

    We made some changes to the rules, the major change was that the victory condition was total domination, a simple objective, but it more accurately reflected the true objective of the Solomon campaign. We also did small tweaks to units, including changing the armor mechanics for battleships and adding an entirely new unit: the transport plane. But, these rules encouraged building up each of your islands with an unbreakable force which caused neither side to make large offensives. Usually someone (normally me) would surrender while both sides still had three of the islands.

    I realized that, while I didn�t want to go back to the original rules, our primitive house rules had to change. I searched for house rules that did anything more than altering submarine mechanics, but none (that I found) existed for Guadalcanal. I decided it was time to take matters into my own hands and do a major overhaul of how Guadalcanal plays. This was the result, and with a few more changes it should be close to perfection.

    Rule Changes:

    Mass Invasion: When one player lands at least six land units on an island controlled by the other player, they must declare a �mass invasion� on that island. Put a marker on that island to signify a �mass invasion�. The �mass invasion� ends when all of the attacker or defender�s units are killed or moved off of the island.

    Note: If the attacker already has units on the island and declares a �mass invasion� those units become part of it, along with any units put on the island after the �mass invasion� has been declared.

    Objective Changes:
    It was difficult thinking of some middle ground between getting points for airfields and total domination. We decided to stick with the point system, but instead of just getting points for airfields, we added more objectives for the player to complete.

    Note: The points gained from each objective are added at the same time during the �score victory points and check for victory� If both players reach 15 victory points in the same turn, the player with more points past 15 wins. In the case of a tie, play until one player has more points at the end of the turn.


    Build Airfield: Build an airfield. (1 point)

    Capture Airfield: Capture an island that has an airfield on it. (1 point for 1 airfield, 2 points for 2 airfields.)

    Capture and Hold Island: Capture an island and still have control of it at the end of the next turn. (1 point)

    Sink Capital Ship: Sink a battleship or aircraft carrier. (1 point)

    Damage Airfield: Succeed in damaging an enemies airfield. (1 point)

    Foil Invasion: As the defender, have control of the island at the end of a �mass invasion�. (2 points)
    Unit Changes:

    Submarine: There are two different types of submarines: Fleet submarines and Patrol submarines.

    Submarines are fleet subs if they are in a sea zone with a friendly non-sub sea unit. They behave as submarines normally do.

    Submarines are patrol subs when they are in a sea with no friendly sea units, besides friendly submarines. They may not be attacked unless they attacked that turn. After a patrol sub attacks, any surviving unit may fire back at the sub(s) during the Attack Sea Units phase at its anti-submarine power, which is shown below:

    Artillery: 0
    Infantry: 0
    Submarine: 0
    Destroyer: 2
    Cruiser: 1
    Aircraft Carrier: 0
    Battleship: 0
    Bomber: 2
    Fighter: 1

    Battleship: A battleship hit by a one on its first hit that survives the turn retains the damage and loses the �heavy armor� ability until repaired using a supply token that is at a friendly island during the Reinforce, Repair, and Deploy phase.

    A battleship hit by a two on its first hit that survives the turn ignores the damage like normal.

    Fighter: Instead of fighters moving two zones during movement and two zones during regroup, fighters can move a total of four zones, but they must have enough movement during the regroup phase to get them to a friendly airfield or aircraft carrier.

    Bomber: Instead of bombers moving three zones during movement and three zones during regroup, bombers can move a total of six zones, but they must have enough movement during the regroup phase to get them to a friendly airfield.

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