Fun House Rules: Code Contact

  • No table talk is allowed except fun things like “Wow you just got nerfed.”
    Each side is allowed a ten-20 minute strategy session at before the game begins after the board has been set up.
    At the beginning of a players turn that player may send one line of text (standard notebook sized) to one of his allies.  Each of the opposing players rolls a d6.  If they roll a 1 they get to look at the message.
    When Russia is sending a message, the Axis get to look at that message on a 1 or 2.

  • Good players, especially who have played with each other before, will know what the others are doing by their purchases and by their movements.  No discussion is really necessary at all.  Sending a line of text is really too much information.  If I were playing by these rules, my messages would either consist of disinformation or nonsense to try to confuse my opponent  :evil: or would be blank (if my opponent was smarter than this).

  • There is a board called “house rules” for a reason.

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    Gee Falk do i hear a dive- bomber attack on a simple discussion ? BTW how did you like my Jutland game? Can you say something nasty about it please? 😄 😄 😐

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    This would be more appopriate here.

    I’ve played with No table talk before.  Kinda fun.

    We’d do 10 Min strat sessions at the end of each rd.


    IL, I hope that is a joke.
    but you might want to be carfeul there.

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