• I made two new rules to increase game length, alter strategy, and make it more historically accurate.  One is that in round 1, the United States can purchase, but it can’t attack or move, and the Germans can’t attack the Americans or take their convoy zones.  The other is three capital elimination for the allies.  This will cause the Germans to rethink an all out attack on the Russians and focus some of its money and troops on defense.  I used these rules as the Germans and won (almost, I had Moscow and England and my troops were in Canada when my cousin had to leave).Â

    Also, another rule that I never tried yet is air transports/paradrops.  You need bombers for this.  For air transports, you can carry anything you can on a transport on a bomber and land it in another friendly territory where it drops off all units in the air transport, but aa rules apply if you fly over an enemy aa gun.  Also, once the bomber lands it stays in that territory for the rest of the turn.  In paradrops, you take a bomber and use it to transport 1 or 2 infantry to either an enemy or friendly territory and then fly it back to a friendly territory.  Again, aa rules apply.  Also, when paradroping into enemy territory the bomber can’t be used both to paradrop and bomb, you either send in two troops or use it to bomb, not both.  Also, if an aa shoots down a bomber with units on it, the bomber as well as the units are lost, and if attacking an enemy territory with an aa gun with paratroopers, the aa gun fires at the bomber before the paratroopers are drooped.  One more thing is that you cannot use bombers used in an attack, airdrop, or bombing raid during the combat phase as an air transport or to paradrop into friendly territory in the noncombat phase.  The only problem with this rule is that it will be disasterous for the Germans, so you might want to add aa guns to France and Belgium-Netherlands when playing, and if there are enough aa guns put one in Norway as well.

    Another new rule I made is neutral armies and territory value.  With this, you give neutral territories armies and value so that it becomes legal to take these territories, but you have to fight a neutral army first.  Also, as soon as you attack a neutral territory, the territory and troops in that territory are turned over to one of your enemy nations until you take it over.  Also, if you take over Turkey than your ships and friendly ships can travel freely through the Hellespont (area connecting Agean Sea to the Black Sea).

  • Whether paratroopers will be disasterous for Germany depends how you make the new paratroopers unit. Cost and combat values.

    With the neutrals income/army rules, its fairly straight forwards and thats also what we use in AARHE.
    So I agree with you.

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    check out this section of what we came up with on paratroopers and air transport.


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