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    Wondering if anyone has tried somethings along the lines of Battleships rules for resolving A&A naval combat?

    Carrier (combat 1)5 hits
    Battleships (combat 4)4 hits
    Cruiser/Destroyer (combat 3)3 hits
    Submarine/Destroyer (combat 2)2 hits
    Transport (combat 1)1 hit

    The idea came from a version of the game (MB I think) which uses A&A sized ships on a plastic grid. These each have a number of holes in the deck in which to place red “hit” markers.

    So: each hit a ship takes reduces it’s combat value by 1 in the battle, as well as having to be repaired later if the ship survives. Carriers of course fight at 1 to start with.  Players choose which ships to hit, but cannot target planes.

  • Perhaps if there was some way of having to have the damage repaired being a cost to the player.  Otherwise if I a person just has a couple more units, they could easily take more hits.

    Better yet why not resolve all combat by playing the actual game of battleship but by putting in more ships and having a bigger grid.  Make it so that you get one guess on the grid for each ship that you have in the combat.  With attacker going first.

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    Way back when, before I used the internet because I only had an Apple IIe computer with no modem, I had devised my own version of the two hit battleship for classic.  In MY version the cost to repair a battleship, which had to be un-engaged for a full game turn in a friendly sea zone with an industrial complex was 2d6 IPC.  As little as 2 IPC as much as 12 (or 50%) IPC.

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    Yes, it would need rules for repairs; the choice for attackers is to cripple the entire enemy fleet in the hope of inflicting huge repair coasts, or to target and sink capital ships while taking the greater number of hits from escorts and fighters this would involve.

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