New English House Rule For Pacific.

  • Did this for the first time and had a lot of fun. The person I play with and I find it very hard to beat Japan, even with the changes sugested on the Avalon Hill website. So we did a historical modification which gave us a very close game where the allies won.
    Historically, the British were already at war with the Japanese by December of 41. So we only allowed the sneak attack advantage against the Americans.
    Any one else ever try this?

  • Trying this this weekens and will kepp you posted

  • Hi there!

    Me Myself encountered the same problem: Japan always wins going for VP’s.

    I wanna try out this adjustment which sounds pretty interesting and might give a chance to the Allies

    Thanks for good suggestion ; )


  • Must have been an earlier post I can’t read now, but what were these new house rules you refer to? I can sense that one of them is no Japanese first turn advantage against UK targets. Any others?

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