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    I am planning on slowly implementing these rules to my gaming group.  Adding them all at once is like taking a drink from a fire hose.  We want to start by adding Italy and the lend lease options.  I also like the Infantry build options.  My problem is finding the German starting set up for the Italian option.  I am sure it’s here, but I haven’t found it.  If someone could give me a link I would appreciate it.

    I will of course give feed back on any of our games.  I plan on playing with 6 experienced players face to face.


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    Yea, I been looking at this too.  Let me know whatcha find.

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    download the player aids for Italy. Also all the other nations are represented as well.


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    I’ve got that, I should have been more clear.  I need the German setup for the Italy map.  You’ve split France and Scandinavia and I suspect there may be other subtle changes due to the loss of Southern Europe.  The German setup in that section is the total package on the Germany only map and doesn’t have listings for Vichy and Finland.  If you haven’t worked that out it’s fine I can figure it out for myself, but it will be experemental and it would be nice to get someone else’s ideas.

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    Ok i see what your saying… here goes.

    All the set ups are exactlly the same as OOB…except of course we have a few new spaces on the phase 3 map.
    In that case you set up pieces in the original territories. In the chance that the territories are now seperated ( e.g. finland/ norway- in phase 3 map) the choice is left to the German player on which of these he wants to place as long as its only those two territories.

    In the case of Italy that set up sheet only applies for phase 3 map. Otherwise you use the german set up sheet which is exactly like OOB

    The income issue with Germany now losing the money by having a new italiam partner (under phase 3) is addressed by the fast that:

    1. germany it now worth more and
    2. the allies can lend lease free money to the Soviets

    The only thing is germany now has the same income under phase 3 but they lost all of the units that would otherwise be located in the new italian territories.

    Thus the Italian player really has to play as a good partner with Germany giving stuff for russia and still going in on africa.

    I will get around to making a second german set up sheet for phase 3 so avoid this problem and also correct the issue with finland/norway  and france/ vichy

    For now it will work with what you got.

  • oh my god how come we didn’t think about that

    the “20 IPC Germany” is something I haven’t playtested (I haven’t been playing phase 3 map at all)

    keen to see feedback on the effects

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    That’s basicly what I did.  I just wanted to conferm that I wasn’t missing anything.  I am going to try to test this again this sunday now that I have had time to iron it out in my brain.

    Thanks for the Help IL

  • With 2000 posts you’re a veterant right?

    Exactly we need for playtesting.

    Keen to hear how AARHE goes for you later.

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    lol, yeah I’ve been around.  I am also closing in on 6 years posting on this site.

    I can help I’m sure, but I will be slowly integrating the rules.  The whole rule set is a bit much to jump into with a large game group.  I Like most of what I’ve read and I will comment on the individulal rules when I have played more.

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    Allright good job soldier!

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    I just started my first ever AARe myself.  So I’ll also keep you as posted as I can.  So far Russia 1 is almost no different then any other game (except the free infantry)

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    For all you AARHE gurus it might be a good idea to start a “Play Test” thread to separate mechanics questions from design concepts.

  • Oh yeah. Why didn’t we think of that.
    Play by post is very popular on axisandallies.org.

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    Jennifer don’t you mean AARHE? rather than AARe?

    AS soon as a few people are ready we should attempt a play by post.

    I actually sold my map that was printed to another friend… so ill need to get another copy.

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