3 Players: 1 Axis and 2 Allies possible?

  • Hello,

    I just bought the game, read through the instructions, and am
    looking forward to my first game 🙂

    Probably we’ll only be three players, and the instructions say
    that in this case one should play all the Allies, one Germany and
    one Japan.

    Is it also possible to do it the other way round, so that Axis
    are played by one player and the other two divide up the

    I don’t see that it would make any difference, but I find it
    strange that the manual does not state this option. Are there
    any balancing issues which I don’t see yet as I haven’t played?

    Thanks for input,

  • A single Allied player allows for better Allied coordination and allows for a more balanced game.

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    To create the true intent of the war. Id have the two allies one as UK /USA and the other as the Soviets not allowed to speak to each other. If the axis play something like " I’m attacking India but not saying how many forces your going in with" would be more historical.

    Their was no coordination in this war except UK and USA. in every other respect they had to spend a dime and read the papers like everybody else.

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    I wouldn’t recommend splitting 2 Allies and 1 Axis. Give your strongest player the Allies. The Allies must be very coordinated while the Axis don’t require that quite as much. It is also a bit more fun that way as it keeps the pace up a bit.

  • When we only have three, we give one the Axis, one America, and one Russia/UK

  • Thanks for the info. It seems that Axis has some advantage, so that the Allies need
    more coordination than the Axis to win.

  • There’s a factor no-one considered though. When 3 people play, we usually set it up with 1 axis vs. 2 allies, with each allied player picking a country, and sharing the third. That way coordination is forced, and most importantly: everyone gets 2 turns a round, instead of one player getting three and the other two getting one each.

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